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  • Alan H Alan H Feb 12, 2012 11:45 Flag

    Shaking All Over

    What's the southern view of the Old Trafford soap opera then, I've glued mine to their board and now sit with fingers struck in ears.

    A couple of w@nkers together for me doing their best to drag our game down. Evra proved his mettle as part of the France world cup farce, leading his team to strike. And if you're about to shake hands you don't leave your open hand stuck in line with your armpit, you extend it. He gave the other idiot the perfect opportunity to say fuskc you then and make another big deal out of it.
    Then Evra urges the massed crowd to demonstrate and possibly entice some other idiot to attack Suarez. What a load of boring shyte, get rid of the pair of them.

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    • IMHO Evra 'reluctantly' offered his hand. I think Evra was followed by De Gea - the difference is marked. Evra's hand stays low until Swearez is past, and then raises it. De Gea's hand is there to 'greet' Swearez.
      I think like you, that he gave Swearez the rope to hang himself.

      The interview with 'kin Kenny after the match was another gem in public relations as well. I especially like the fact that 'kin has (IMHO forced by the American owners) apologised for acting in a way not befitting a Liverpool manager.

      Oh what a tangled web...

    • The point I was aiming at was pretty obvious if you clock Evra's face in the waggle hands line up. He was certainly up for the handbags at dawn. If he'd simply have smiled and done nowt Suarez would have looked the absolute w@nker that he is and been ridiculed world wide.
      H---Suarez banned for the season, Evra 8 games. Or better still, transfer the pair of them to pastures away from these shores.

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      • I don't blame Evra. Of course there are still hard feelings, and naturally a bit of reluctance, but he was trying to brush them aside; given he was the victom (as according to the FA investigations findings) that's an understandable response. When he's had his hand knocked back from the person who racially abused him, is it any surprise he was particularly pleased when they won? I'm not saying it's right, but I'd blatantly have done the same; a nice big passive-aggressive F you!

        I also wrote an essay about implications of referee protection etc, but no-one's waded their way through it yet...

    • Hi Five..H,

      Due to a rather more exciting and entertaining game at the Lane and the subsequent liver punishment, I missed highlights of the Liverpoo v Manure game, so please forgive my ignorance.

      What did Evra do? from what I've heard Suarez was the one who refused to shake Evra's hand? no?

      I also heard that Suarez was at the centre of more controversy during the game?

      Can't wait for MOTD.

      H, if you have 5 mins can you let me what happened?

      Oh and erhh,

      FIVE - NIL to the Tottenham!

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      • agreed alan. both evra & suarez are complete idiots & drama queens. they just try to provoke each other all the time & then whinge & moan when the other 1 does it back.

        suarez stupidly doesnt shake hands. rio does the same.
        evra runs right over next to suarez and does a OTT celebration to try & stir things up even more.

        i was cringing just watching it! neither player or teams covered themselves in glory!