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  • lts lts Feb 13, 2012 11:04 Flag

    this team against the 60/61 team

    I read on another page a letter to HR asking him not to leave. With which I must totally concur!!!!!
    The author was saying that, in his opinion, this team would have beaten the double winners. He feared for Peter Baker against Gareth Bale. I'm not sure if you can compare teams from differing eras. I'd fear for this defence against that battering ram Bobby Smith. Then there was Cliff Jones too, fast direct and I think the best header of that era. That team built by Bill Nick was IMHO the best consistent footballing team of their time, now I would hazard that this team is the best "footballing" team in England at this time but without that consistency! (As I said "footballing" the way the game should be played).
    Sorry to admit but the Gooners had their spell when they were a great team but "footballing?" I think not. Yes Man U have had some great footballing teams though not recently. They've just been really good teams. Liverpool have and so have City and the Hammers, that I can recall. All had teams that wanted the ball on the floor and to pass it around quickly. Not bore supporters to death.
    Barca can bore me sometimes, ball retention at the back etc., but then they can really excillerate me too with their quick movement and passes through a defence. Messi is a tremendous player with the ball at this feet. But so were Greaves, Best, Dennis Law, et al. There are always great players who stands out from any era and will always be remembered. Everybody has favourites!
    Any comparison is purely hypothetical and dependant on how people view things. Some will say a certain player is this and others will think not he's not he's that!
    It's what makes the world go round lol.