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  • lts lts Feb 13, 2012 11:56 Flag

    harry and england

    I think he will take the job if offered. He may well regret it in the long term and so will us yiddos.
    In the press today he's saying he would take Scholes to 2012 euros and insists that Lampard, Gerrard should go!

    "You need men in your side, you need characters if you are going to win anything," Redknapp said.
    "Frank is still a top player. You write Frank off at your peril. He's still a top player in my opinion. Stevie Gerrard is still a top-class player. We have got some good players in our midfield."

    SO we'll have a midfield of Scholes, Gerrard, Lampard and Parker total age of???????????

    Be really nice to see the kids given their chance with our Harry as England manager. lol

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    • Harry should take charge of England after the season has finished
      He can take charge for the European championships, and when it is all over, he can return to Spurs for the new season, and hopefully the Champions League.
      That way, he hasn't let Spurs down, and can continue the great work he is doing, and he also gets to manage England in a prestige tournament, therby fulfilling an ambition.
      He helps the FA in the short term, and also avoids the pitfalls that come with the England job.

    • Following Fabio Capellos resignation, Sky Sports have asked Harry Redknapp if he's interested in the Euro's.

      "Yes, keep it quiet and leave them in the dogs bowl"

    • I had a dinner party last night, with Mr Cruise, Mr Van Dyke and Mr Redknapp.

      Well I wouldn't have invited any Tom, Dick and Harry

    • A dog named rosie has just placed a £500,000 bet for Harry Redknapp to become next england manager

    • Harry Redknapp claims he can barely read or write and cant even do his team sheet.

      "And finally, up front today is Pavl, Pavy, Palych... oh, fuck this! Defoe."

    • I'm not so certain. He's said that it's the pinnacle of any English manager's career to be offered the job. So maybe the offer would be enough for him ;-)!
      I'm not completely convinced that he''ll be happy leaving a 'work in progress' with us. New stadium, potentially breaking the top 4 hegemony, 50,000 crowd - all could be within his managerial career with us.
      Although, 'England' is, as he says, has the 'patriotic' 'allure' thing - what does it really offer? It's not that clear cut IMHO.

    • we already know he wil take the job if offered. he has said that his whole managerial career. we need to start looking for a new manager now.

      its been a great period with harry in charge. sorry to see it end especially at such an exciting time.

      he will do well for england, but the players arent good enough to win anything no matter what any manager does. so i do feel he will live to regret leaving us for england.
      i mean he basically be working 2yrs to try to get this team to reach their max potential which is probably QF or SF at a push with a lot of luck!

      but im sure he would equally regret staying & would wonder what if i had took the england manager job.

      im going to throw moyes in as replacement.
      amazing job at everton & i love the work ethic & never say die attitude he instills in to them.
      my only doubts would be style of play but to be fair he has to play that style with the players he has at everton.

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      • Moyes wouldn't work, but Mourino just might. When Redknapp goes, so I fear will some of your better players. Where would Arsenal have been had AW left after just 2 years, I ask you? Trouble with Redknapp is that he has never been a loyal servant to any club, continually loading up his barrow and shifting to another site in the dead of night.
        But in your favour, if the history with Brooking has anything to do with it, you might still keep 'Harry'.