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    Off topic again - Rangers

    Have I been living in a bubble?! When did Rangers take this much of a tumble?? http://m.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/feb/13/rangers-owners-tax-debts?cat=football&type=article

    I think I heard something a while back about them being a wee bit skint, but I thought that was in a "better tighten the belt, only £700 million to spend this transfer window" kinda way, not in an entering administration kinda way.

    Isn't it worrying that one of the top clubs in Scotland can fall into these sorts of troubles? What does it say for the rest of the clubs? And more questions in that vein.

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    • This has (the financial side of clubs) been touched on here quite a bit - especially in the last 'Pompey' thread.
      Although I disliked Levy with a vengeance after the Jol fiasco, and I still wouldn't trust the man on a personal level (not that I'll ever have much dealing with him!), I personally think that the board have done wonders over the past few years. We've had money to spend, and still turned a profit. We've managed to assemble a squad capable of challenging for Europe over a protracted period, without breaking the bank.
      That sounds easy, but when you think that in our case, we're largely taking on clubs with bigger grounds and that have been in CL football for a few years so have had the extra £20-??m year on year. See http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/may/19/football-club-accounts-debt#data for how the clubs stood a short while back - and the difference in revenues.

      Then you see the clubs that have tried to buy EPL/CL success or even in the case of Pompey, to buy a place in the EPL and what the effect has been and you think that could have been us.

    • I can't help but wonder if many Scottish fans are hoping the same might happen to Celtic to open up the SPL to other sides. It can't be much fun for the rest of them to realise they're not able to break the monopoly.

      Mind you, the same could be said for the EPL - though at least Citeh and Spurs are trying their damndest to break the Manure monopoly.

    • I'm with you NBR,

      I heard that Rangers had some financial issues, but I hadn't fully appreciated the severity of the situation.

      Actually its probably more serious than not fully appreciating the situation, I couldn't care less! Sorry.

      I know that sounds really callous, but I have more interest in League 1 than I do in the SPL. Actually I think that League 1 is of a similar if not higher standard than the SPL. I think both Celtic and Rangers would struggle to get out of the championship.

      If I represent the average football fan (god forbid) then its little wonder the SPL and some of its biggest teams are in financial difficulty, dwindling crowds a lack of interest from foreign markets and a lack of top quality players in the league means the SPL is likely to experience more of the same.

      Good luck to SPL fans