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  • I borrowed this from another board, ta marintii

    Well...share and share alike. I'm sure this is nothing but idol paper chit chat but,


    Which translates to:

    Oaths Hazard has made its choice already. The Belgian flavoring of Lille plays next season for Tottenham Hotspur, as reported the French football magazine France Football Monday. Hazard (21) chooses the Spurs above other English large powers as Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea.

    According to France Football, the 21-birthday Belgian has reaches all a personal agreement with Tottenham Hotspur. The club of Rafael van of the Speed must reach yet well agreement with Lille over a transfersom. Hazard, that recently known wanted to leave to want after this season at the French champion, has a gelimiteerde redemption money of 40 million Euros in its contract stand.

    Some of the translations are hilarious 'Van of the Speed', probably got to do with my poor choice of translation site, oh well.

    Hazard has been linked with many other teams in the past including the goons not so long ago, plus I think the transfer fee and wages would be beyond us. I'm pleased to see us being linked with one of the most highly rated young players in Europe.

    I'm obviously extremely biased, but we are a team heading in the right direction and doing it in the right way. The idea of the 'rising stars' choosing to play for us seems less crazy than ever.


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