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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 16, 2012 14:19 Flag

    At last a ref is demoted

    Attwell has been dropped from the top tier of refs following a series of gaffes.
    Perhaps that will sharpen up the remaining ones and we'll get some better refereeing for a while.
    The number of very dubious decisions this season seems a lot.
    What is the answer? Maybe technology but I think that has caused the problem in the first place. Because we have loads of different camera angles and slow motion replays every body, apart from the ref, can see the fouls etc. time and time again. Poor old ref has one chance to get it right and it's a very fast pace and sometimes he hasn't a clear view.
    Who'd be a referee?????????

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    • They've got a tough job on their hands at the minute, Its. Mind you they're on bloody good money by all accounts, when it's all totalled up. Just an observation before technology does come through the door---I can't understand why the refs don't consult linesmen more and pass the buck if the angles are all wrong etc.