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  • john john Feb 17, 2012 12:37 Flag

    AEG Takeover

    New money at this stage of our developement could be brilliant to compete at the top, but looking at other American owned clubs here, would we get the regular investment after the initial splurge? would we become a just an investment interest or their flagship in the sporting side of their buisness?,,Liverpool, Villa, and even Man U have not not really profited form US ownership IMO

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    • A year or so ago Spurs entered some sort of partnership with the LA Galaxy of MLS (owned by AEG). Soon thereafter I was out with a friend who works for AEG and I mentioned as a Spurs fan I was happy about the deal. He replied something along the lines of "This is just the beginning..", then clammed up. So there very well may be something to the rumor.
      This is not a rich American looking for a hobby. AEG is a sports and entertainment ownership and management company with expertise in developing and managing stadiums and arenas. They have experience owning football teams as part of their portfolio. Take a look at the picture on their website via link on Joe's post. I live near LA where they developed the Staples Center (pictured, home of LA Lakers) and surrounding hotels, shops, theatres, and restaurants. Really nice complex and it has helped revitalize a previously downtrodden area of Los Angeles. Their record of success can result in government providing more capital to projects than they otherwise might. I like it.

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      • AEG have now made a statement saying there's no truth in the rumour as they have no interest in buying the club and are just business partners of Tottenham. This rumour surfaced last year when AEG were helping Levy put the bid for the Olympic Stadium together.

        I know they say no smoke without fire but it's more like people putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with any number other than 4 (sorry for the mixed metaphors).