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    Wenger and manangers in general

    With Mick M's demise at Wolves, and Wenger looking more and more fraught, what price 'a good manager'?
    Wolves, IMHO opinion have just got rid of the manager who I would have thought is one of the best in a relegation situation and even if they did get relegated, wouldn't you want someone like Mick to bring you back up again? Obviously the EPL money is now so important to a club, that staying in the EPL (when you're at then end of the league) is seen as all.
    Conversely, Arsene, who I still think is one of the best managers I've seen and who I personally credit with revitalising the EPL, is under huge pressure to get the extra millions that the CL brings.
    But is the scenario really the same at both clubs? For the Woolwich bunch, could not getting a CL place be the equivalent of Wolves being relegated?

    AND stupidly, if Arsene did get the elbow at Woolwich ( or the fans force the board's hand), could Woolwich be going down the same road as Wolves and get rid of the one person who has the experience to get them what they actually want?

    What a choice for the boards to make. Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't.

    I watched the Sunderland game yesterday, and how long will football be able to keep going when they can't fill a stadium when you have top class opposition on show - as a Sunderland supporter, isn't that exactly the sort of game you want to go to? Playing a top club that is suffering from total lack of confidence and where you have a fair chance of causing a major upset?

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    • Seems like the whinger is safe for this season with £55m to spend in the summer.

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      • I thought he had that last season? From the 'reports', their board don't appear to have withheld funds from him, just that he didn't find anyone that he wanted to buy. I think he's firmly entrenched in the '...bring' em in young and teach them the ways....'. A great philosophy, but a bit of a bugger when players start leaving. It will be interesting to see if he does go to the market to buy his way out with 'proven' players or sticks to his guns and get in the 'younger' players he can mould. I think he's caught in a hard place, as the players he'd be expecting to 'lead' the team during this dodgy phase, just don't seem to be (capable of?) stepping up to the plate.