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    Arsenal 5 - 2 Tottenham


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    • I think that's the past two games where we just didn't want to play. It seemed IMHO to go back to the Crouch days in the first half with the number of long balls that we pumped up to the front (and it wasn't Daws this time). Second half was better, but we never looked fluid. To me, even after scoring the two goals, we didn't look good enough to win.
      Bit of a bugger really - it was a true 6 pointer. A result yesterday would have made 3rd all but ours. But there's still a 7 point gap - and I'd far rather be 7 points ahead than 7 points behind.

      I see there's another thread here about Bale diving. That was my first though as well. We were talking here about 'arry having to have a word with him. BUT (again you may say I'm blinkered), I don't think now it was a dive and I don't think he was touched by the keeper - I thought after the replays, that he got caught about knee height by the defender.

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      • It was a pity poor performace. I can only assume it was Harry's instructions to get the ball up to Adebayor because it's not the kind of thing Kaboul usually does.

        What the hell kind of formation was that. When we moved forward, BAE and Ledle3y king were up near the half-way line. Ledley had a pretty awful game. His tactical eading of the game is pretty good but seriously, running ti catch up with forwards running past him?

        BAE was alln over the dirkin place. And what about attacking down the wings? Where was Lennon? Where was Ble for God's sake? If there's one game per season they should be up for it, it's the Woolwich game and what happened? Parker being left alone to defend everything and then making one of the most stupid challenges ever with the Manure game coming up next week.

        We weren't looking good in the first half and then waht did Harry do? Bring on VdV so that our formation was well and truly stuffed.

        Awful performance - no desire, no formation and poor substitutions except for Sandro. I must admit I'm worryinbg abvout 3rd place too now after that terribe match.

    • What's to discuss? We lost to the better team on the day - and I'm not afraid to admit that the Goons deserved the win. We move on to next weekend's game. End of IMO.

    • a good win for arsenal. i knew they would fightback. on the day arsenal were far better. spurs have got some tough games coming up, utd, everton , chelsea , i can see arsenal on there tails within 3 weeks by a few points less.