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  • David David Feb 27, 2012 08:52 Flag

    Best Spurs side in 20yrs vs Worst AFC side

    & AFC taught the high flying Spurs a lesson in football.... even the deluded fans can't grumble about the superior football played against them & goals coming from open play...

    Many pundits believed that the football torch had passed to Spurs, so eager to call for Wenger's job.... but instead a make shift AFC side minus some bankable stars played a perfect match.

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    • have to agree.
      Spurs got outplayed with no excuses.

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      • Have either of you two seen any arguments here?

        We weren't good enough on the day, no excuses.

        But whilst we're on the subject of excuses, what are yours now? let me guess..... Oh we have more injuries than every other team (wrong), oh we lost our two best players in the summer (and we all knew it at least a year prior), both pretty poor. Manure have had huge injury problems all season and if the whole world knew Cesc and Nasri were off, why did the blind one do nothing? That's dereliction of duty in some industries.

        More hopeful you'll make top 4? Where do you think RVP will be next year? Or will Wenger abandon his ideals and hand RVP a £200k a week contract?

        I wonder what morale high ground you'll try and expolit then?! 1 performance does not paper over your canyon like cracks goons, enjoy it whilst you can, Liverpool will tear your a new orifice to spew from.


        We'll be back and we'll still be better than you!