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  • Sfer Sfer Feb 27, 2012 09:35 Flag

    Not angry thoughts...

    OK so I have calmed down now and I still beleive what I am about to write.

    If ANYBODY tries to tell me Ekotto is a LB worthy of playing in the PL for any team I will personally track them down and tattoo a pineapple in the middle of thier forehead. Apart from the fact that he was never where he should have been ie marking the winger, nobody could have failed to see that for Walcotts second goal they were next to each other when the attack started and BAE did not even try and stay with Walcott. He let him go, watched his arse disappear and just jogged back. If that isn't a sign of his lazy "I only play fooball for the money" attitude I don't know what is. In that one moment he surely proved beyond doubt he does not have the passion that players need to play in the PL let alone for my beloved Spurs. He can't have been tired - he hadn't done f**k all up to that point!

    Second, Kranjcar is not good enough. I have said it before and I say it again without hesitation. What did he do yesterday? Nothing. Why was he starting instead of Lennon?

    Lastly, and this is something that we have to face up to - King has gone. You know that feeling when that well respected heavyweight boxer comes back after two years retired to fight a young upstart and you cringe as he gets beaten around the ring. Well that is how I felt yesterday watching King amble back from going up for a corner as they broke out. It was heart wrenching. Such a good player only being able to run at somewhere between half and three quarter pace even though he was clearly trying his best. Its time he hung up his boots while we remember him as the superb player he was and not some punchdrunk has been puffing and panting like Dominic Straus Kahn after one of his parties.

    We are where we are partly because we are a good side but also partly because some of the other sides around us have had some very below par performances and bizarre results. Lets not get caried away thinking 3rd is ours and that we are good enough to challenge for the PL. Thats Arry talk to keep his players spirits up.

    If we get beat by Manure at the weekend, and lets face it, it could be a whooping if we play like we did yesterday, then our season could come crumbling down like a pack of NOW jounalists.

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    • im a big bea fan i think that he has been so improved in the last 2-3 years and one of the most solid players in our team. yes he is a bit daft at times with his control but his overall play has saved us games and won us games.

      i think against the arse he was shocking , but so was most of the team. bales wondering around meant less of an outlet ball cos he would go walk about. plus i thougt he was to blame for not closing sagna down for the goal. i think his wondering exposses bea and its harsh to blame him totally for all of the game.
      king was slow and looked a bit lost, walker to keen to bomb forward ,kaboul looked slow, so the whole back four didnt look up for it.

      but in myu opinion we lost the game in the midfield, they won all the loose balls and passed right through us. modric and parker were tore apart, and then the man who came on to shore it up fucked of to be a striker. sandro was appalling when he came on . did any one see daws tear him a new on when he came on?

      our midfield was ripped apart and that expossed the back four to much. i cant believe that the players who they played did a number onb our team. rociskey and arteta and walcott have been shocking for ages and then all of the sudden they turn in to barca.

      bad bad game for every one , mangers players and fans. harry got it wrong with his subs for me, and the players didnt show up in the second half.

      need to bounce back , but will be hard against man utd.lets hope the whl faithfull inspire a fight.

    • I can't see how BAE was to blame for 4 goals, 1 certainly, and another partly ....so not his best game.

      Ledley's lack of mobility cost us three in my book. He often takes up good positions, but when he is not quite there he struggles to recover or intercept.

      Not his fault really, so Harry it's time to put him out to grass before he cripples himself. And Levy, stick your hand in your pocket and get us a class CD. Stop trying to get everything on the cheap or you're in danger of being labelled a tight fisted yid.....oh but you already are... sorry.

    • ps. oh and another 1 of ur lies again!
      iv never asked anyone on here to defend me against other posters. i was making a point that they defended someone against me but not the other way round despite claiming its not their job too defend anyone on here.

      anyway, go & make up more rubbish as always

    • john, theres no point us debating because u make 1 million assumptions as always. u assume that if i was manager i would reflect the same attitude on the players.

      nothing wrong with saying lets do our best and see what happens. id find it equally annoying if the teamtalk was yes we can do this, yes we will win the league if we just believe blah blah blah. then what? we come miles away from winning the league as expected.

      i never said id tell the players 4th is best we could hope for if i was manager john.

      u say i ignore facts, what about u. u just make stuff up!

      im sure fergie doesnt approve of his players cheating on their wives and families but does that mean he announces this opinion to the players & press & the whole world?
      no of course not. because there is a huge difference in what u think & what u say to the players.

      anyway, il leave u to pretend managers would say exactly the same thing whether or not they are managers of a team!

    • ....oh, and PS - just for the halibut - do a search for best EPL defenders and see who appears for this season (probably did for last season and the season before). OK, they are just opinions as well I know......

    • Aaaargh! Is that a 'I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him...' appraisal of BAE?

      I'd love to have you as the manager - I could just imagine the team talks:
      '....come on team let's get really up for this, as you're an ok team that may get 4th if you're lucky - actually, you're not really OK, more mediocre - in fact some of you are so bloody useless I don't know why you chose this profession. Whoa - that's not going far enough - why were you even born? .......Well that's my chat team! Character building eh? Are you ready for it? No, are you REALLY ready for it? C'mon you know we can win this one......well maybe not, but don't let that affect your performance....'.

      I apologise before hand for the accusations you'll make of me picking on you and the fact that other people say similar things to you, but I say nothing to them and I don't protect you when other people have a go at you and........

    • i just think BAE is an average LB. not great,not awful.
      could we find better, yes! he is not the best defensively or going foward.

      but what really annoys me about him is his lack of desire (which makes sense considering his motives). he rarely tracks back, he regularly trys stupid skills in dangerous areas & loses the ball, he regularly can't be bothered to close down crosses coming in, his final ball when going foward is poor etc etc etc!

      lots of players were poor but he was to blame for 4 goals.
      id say kaboul was at fault for 1 of them too when he tryed to play offside for some reason.

      harry got the selection & tactics wrong.

      how are niko & saha suddenly better & ahead of lennon & defoe?!

      arsenal outnumbered us in midfield which is suicide against a good attacking team like them.

      we were very lucky to be 2-0 up. we could have lost about 7-0 in the end.

      well if theres 1 good things to come out of it, its maybe just maybe harry,the players,our fans, the media etc will finally realise this team isnt good enough to win the league & won't.

      i wonder how many pts some of u on this board think we will the league by now lol.

      like iv said all along, id take 4th all day long!
      highly unlikely we will beat utd, then 3rd-6th is anyones.

      I've read all the comments so far and was looking for something to cheer me up.
      BUT, No.
      Here we are discussing the Likes and Dislikes of our own players.
      Well if i'm getting a pineapple or what ever, then so be it,as i am also guilty of being a BAE fan.
      Don't get me wrong, but i am always looking for ways to strengthen our side, and at present can only see 1 or 2 leftbacks who could do a better job than BAE.
      Maybe Cole or Baynes,but i'm hopeing for smeone like Walker, with his pace and determination to come along, and JOB DONE.
      However,this would be like a LOTTO win and for now, we'll have to make the best of a very hard position to fill.
      As for yesterdays effort,we'll have to take that one on the Chin,(THANK FCUK FOR THAT BOXING TRAINING)and move on.
      We all know we played sh1t,though i can't understand how we managed to let Arse take control in a game where they were the underdogs.(MAYBE IT'S JUST THAT).
      However,with all thats been said the result went to the better team on the day,and if we really believe in ourselves,(as most of us do)then we need to prepare ourslves, both phiscally and mentally for our game against Manu.A game in which we normally go into as already lost.
      This cannot, and willnot, be the case, as must be seen, the STERGTH and DETERMINATION of our season starts again HERE!
      Anyway, enough of my drival and hope to be chatting on happier things to come.

    • I like Pineapple ;-)

    • Sfer,
      I still don't think anyone has said that they thought BAE played well yesterday.
      But did VdV play well? You ask if BAE had a shot or crossed the ball. OK - did VdV create any chances? What last ditch tackle and tracking back did he do? You can slam BAE - fine, but yesterday was an overall appalling team performance. There were 11 players on that pitch yesterday.
      Where was Modder's and Parker's dominance of midfield? Where were the scorching runs down the wing to supply the TWO big men up front? Where were the balls whipped into the box from either wing? Where was Bale doubling up on Walcott?

      We sat back and let Woolwich play - either that or they were that 'awesome' that we couldn't do anything about it. I honestly just don't see the point of slamming one player, when the whole team looked lack lustre.

      'arry's comments were fair. He didn't feel that we had it even at 2-0 - but what then begs the question is what was done to rectify it - he's the manager? OK, so he made two changes at the break - but (IMHO) - the rot was set from the off. We hadn't 'played' for 45 minutes at the break- whether because we were stopped, or simply in awe of Woolwich, I don't know. They wanted it far more than us. It showed. They had the momentum from the 1st half on. We just never got started as a 'team'.

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