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    Tactics verses Arsenal....?

    Having watched MOTD and listened to the ex-gooner I got to thinking. Dixon said something about Arsenal running over our midfield because they outnumbered us! We played 4-4-2 Arsenal played 4-3-3. Something wrong with the math? He showed examples of Modric and Parker being up against 3 gooners. Was that because Bale has licence to roam and Krankjar doesn't defend? Why were we being over run when we had (on paper) more players in midfield?
    Half time change!! Bring on Sandro and VDV. Take off Saha and Krankjar. Why? VDV doesn't tackle back often, why not Lennon who does at least get behind the ball and deny space. Then he also has the pace to worry defenders too. What was Harry's thoughts when we went behind? Why didn't he bring on another attacker and force them back on defence more? He had one more sub left to use, if he didn't want another attacker why not take Parker off because of his card and let Sandro do his job. We still had Rose to play left wingback against Walcott or Dawson to fortify our defence and move Kaboul in front of the CBs.

    Let's hope it's just a small blip. We've only won 3 of our last 6 premier games. We'll soon be overtaken if we don't get back to our previous winning ways!!!!!!

    Just my frustration at the performance from the whole team on the day, rant over.

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    • Good points lts. I was concerned when I saw the team selection and I have said before that Kranjcar is not good enough to warrant a place in the starting line up.

      We did lose it MF. Bale was running all over the place, trying his best no doubt, but it made us lose shape. Modric was quiter than usual and Parker was trying to tackle 2 or 3 players at the same time. Didn't see Kranjcar make a tackle all day.

      I think Arry got this one wrong. Personally I would have preferred Dawson to King, Lennon for Kranjcar and failing that Sandro instead of Kranjcar. How many times did we hear the commentators saying that Spurs had lost their shape??

      Something else that bothered me......Arry sat on his seat looking like he was thinking about decorating his new FA Office. Bovered?? Didn't look like it to me.

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      • I said the same thing, Sfer on my thread regarding Arry's body language. He didn't appear to be up for it, his head was down before the game even started. Him and his 2 shouldermen all got the tactics wrong. Maybe as you say his mindset has moved on and maybe he's wondering whether the Englad job's a step too far.
        Sick of hearing about the back 4 and Ledley, year in year out when the crucial stage shows it's face. It all falls down to steady class at the back which Spurs just haven't got. I'll give Ron Norman and Mike England a bell or maybe Garry Mabutt.