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    Is Harry all he is cracked up to be?

    Hello Yidsters It's the Fab one here.

    My little brother (he of the Yiddish faith) is adamant that your 'arry is a pile of sh!t.

    That surprised me.

    Said brother personally cannot wait for 'arry to 'bugger off to England'.


    Well, he reckons that 'arry has constantly ballsed up tactically throughout the season. He cited many instances to me to prove this. They sailed over my head naturally, because i do not watch Spurs games week in week out to know what he is talking about.

    The twitchy one has certainly come under fire for the lesson taught by the MIGHTY Arsenal yesterday. His tactics have been called into question.

    Is Harry all he is cracked up to be?


    It's squeaky bum time Yiddos.

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    • Adebayor IS a trouble making,money grabbing ex gooner Joe! Perhaps he has matured though. All in all he was a lazy bstard with the potential to infuriate or delight at any given moment.

      Parker has always given his all. He is a great fighter. Just don't know wether he can supply a killer pass quite like Song (another example of an Arsenal player berated by his own 'knowledgable' fans) has at times for us (feel free to correct me!).

      My brother rates Sandro highly too BTW.

      I think there is a big element of the 'glory supporter' at Arsenal these days. The type of fan who started to follow the club because the club were doing well, and just can't take the battering to their own ego when things are not going so well. They know bugger all about football, and they PROVE it over and over again.

      Naturally fans can (and should be) critical, to a point. It just annoys when they loudly voice their opinions whilst choosing to ignore basic facts, and stay silent or become abusive when their face is covered in egg.

      You sit in the stands at a north London derby, and your hair stands up on your neck. No finer game IMO. Anything can happen.

    • My little nephew is a gooner, but he thinks Arsene Wenger smells of wee and poo, and wishes they had Mr Redknapp, who is probably as good as Bob the Builder. When I asked him to elaborate, he lost interest because Peppa Pig was having issues on CeeBeebies.

    • What can any manager do without the right players to do it? You must have the right materials to build the team.
      'arry inherited a decent squad and has largely tweaked it since then either out of necessity (the centre backs) or by 'luck' (VdV wasn't 'arry's buy per se).
      He seems to have a penchant for the tried and tested as opposed to a Wenger approach of buying young and moulding - a method that is reflected in the amount of money then spent.
      For Spurs though, 'arry (again stats - see http://www.myfootballfacts.com/TottenhamHotspurManagersRecords1898-2009.html) has one of the best track records in recent history in the EPL and across the board.

      If I was on the board, I think I'd be wondering why we had underachieved for so long pre 'arry given the amount we spend. IMHO 'arry is only now achieving what, if money spent is any guide, should have been happening for years.

      So, based on that, I think 'arry is doing ok, with the potential of doing better. My only concern is that the purchasing policy is 'wrong' - but how I define wrong there is based on 'futures' - ie Crouch, Daffy, Parker, Gallas, Friedel,Cudicini - were IMHO not long term. Nor to me is Ade (if he signs). I also didn't think that Pienarr and Parker were good buys - and even though Parker has been a revelation and has been just the sort of player we needed, he's still not long term. Short term means that you have to spend again quite soon (with the effect of then bedding in new players into the team) - and the sell on value of the players being replaced is next to nothing. But maybe 'arry just wanted a few 'wise' heads to balance the Bales, Walkers, Livermores, Sandros, Rose...

      If I was again part of the board and looked at the residual value of the squad I may be concerned if 'arry's spend pattern continued - but again, without knowing the salaries as well it's impossible to determine if the policy is sensible or not.

    • Harry is what he is. Done a fabulous job at Spurs to get them where they are and with 1 or 2 obvious needed additions they'll be stronger. It's obvious that his head's full of distraction, his body language before the weekends game showed it. For me I hope he turns the England job down and settles back down to his main objective.
      Wenger for me is 1 of the top 2 managers in the world, but he needs a new challenge if he's up for it at his age. He's too well got at the Emirates now, too comfortably established. Real Madrid might bring him alive again, or even the French national gig. I wouldn't go overboard with 1 victory against your old foes.

      H---Black Cats 2, should have been 4 --- Gunners nowt, a mere 1 week ago.

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      • Harry has certainly taken Spurs forward but it was hard to go backwards was it not? Levy has backed him well too.

        I was genuinely surprised at my brothers viewpoint, but he put his argument well. His argument being that Spurs would be in a far stronger position if only Harry had played certain players and made/not made certain substitutions. He argued that Harry had blatantly chucked results away at times.

        Wenger for me is indeed up there with the very very best. Perhaps his time is up at Arsenal. I still hope he stays and proves his worth,and earns the respect of the fickle supporters once again, at Arsenal.

        The man is a footballing genius IMO.

        A mere week ago Arsenal were playing on yet another tractor field, in yet another corner of Europe.