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  • Joe Joe Feb 29, 2012 20:57 Flag

    Captain Parker!

    Congratulations Scotty,

    The first half has seen Parker throw himself in front of two efforts, the type of commitment we all expect from our man.

    I know this has been a little controversial and a few radios stations have almost verbally assassinated Pearce and Scotty for them taking their roles.

    I think I'd prefer Gerrard as the full time captain, but IMO the England squad lacks leaders, apart from Stevie G, m,y choice would be Scotty. Well done and well deserved!

    I think his time as Spurs Captain well come next season, especially if Ledley continues to struggle and Luka toddles off( as I've heard he will)


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    • SB- I agree that currently we aren't capable of winning the league, not unless all of our players had 'the season of their careers' and that IMO is very unlikely, but we are definitely improving, don't you think?

      What makes you think we will fall futher behind the top two/three?

      'i expect that gap to grow too' - surely we have closed 'the gap' in the last two years? no?

      I know Levy is a tight wad and Harry is expected to go to England and Luka may end up with Manure, but do you think that will mean the end of us as a upwardly moving force in the EPL? surely not! I bloody hope not! it would be a sad reflection on our beloved club if it did, We are bigger than Harry and Luka and we can and will continue to progress should they choose to be else where.

      We are Tottenham!!, Super Tottenham!.........................We are Tottenham From the Lane, and don't you forget it young lady, or you shall be thrashed! ha ha


      P.S. when you consider the relative financial restrictions we work under we have already achieved more than most expected.

    • "How you can anyone say that we aren't capable of winning the league or top honours SB I just can't understand"

      erm, because we arent. we arent in the CL & our far off winning the league. i expect that gap to grow too.

      or if u say we are capable of winning the league then thats a huge problem! because we are quite far off 1st place now.
      so something has gone very wrong!

    • SB-I'm not convinced we have the quality in depth to compete for the EPL, although we currently have the strongest squad for many, many years.

      LTS-I completely agree that Harry's head must be all over the place, which can only be bad for us. If we fail to secure at CL spot I will hold the the FA and the Harry speculation partially responsible.

      COYS!!! spank those Mancs! Lennon, VDV/Defoe back in please.....................................................................

    • Not sure if the below information is true or not, it seems "current top earners at White Hart Lane are William Gallas and Rafael van der Vaart, who reportedly earn £75,000-a-week, and the new deal could see Modric become the highest paid player at the club." According to several press reports last summer, Modric was offered something in the region of £90,000-a-week.

      I don't think Ade would accept less than £120,000-a-week which is alot. Your chairman would balked at the prospect of trashing your current wage structure.

    • Pearce did a good job tonight - the youngsters, though inexperienced, did well and there's no reason to think they won't gel as a team in the future and go on to prove themselves on the international stage.

      Picking Parker as captain probably took some guts given the clamour for Gerrard to have it, but there's no way Gerrard was going to last the full 90 minutes after his exertions on Sunday - and we all know how ridiculous it looks to see the Captain's armband passed from player to player as the game progresses (a la Sven a few years ago). Parker had a good game which makes it all the more galling that he's going to be missing against Manure on Sundayb after his moment of madness against the Goons.

      Re the Spurs captaincy, if Ledley continues to struggle then Daws will play and he will be captain. Parker would be a good vice captain though.

      No come on Joe, you can't make a statement about Modric todding off without telling us where you heard that snippet of information from?