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  • id take a pt now considering our form, history, injuries/suspensions, form against the top teams etc.

    with walker,parker & bale all missing this is my team.

    kaboul dawson king ekotto

    mr gumshield

    lennon modric livermore

    defoe ade

    iv gone for livermore instead of niko because i feel we need his defensive attributes against a good team like utd. i like niko but his level is more against teams outside the top few teams.

    kaboul at RB should be solid but pretty poor going foward. he goes on good runs but then always has the blast the cross for some reason.
    que him to a inch perfect delicate chip to the back post.

    i still think lennon & defoe should have played instead of niko & saha. so im going for defoe upfront with ade. & lennon on the wing. evra always struggles against him.