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    The FA and doing F...A...

    I have been saying for ages that the FA should name their manager and let him take charge at the end of the EPL season. That way players will know if their manager is leaving at the end of the season and commit or otherwise to the team they're playing for.
    IE Spurs players would know for sure if Harry was going or staying. Same for West Brom, West Ham or any other team whose manager might be under consideration. This is only causing uncertainty for any club in this position. Not just for the players but also the owner or board of the relevant club as they have to search for another to succeed theirs if he moves on.
    In Spurs case it appears Modric is reticent to sign a new contract until he knows HR is staying. Wouldn't surprise me if things start to go awry at WHL because of all this uncertainty regarding Harry's future. He could come straight out and say he is not interested in the England manager position but he hasn't. Thereby adding to the speculation.

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    • I share your concern LTS.

      I think this is affecting us far more than any other team, IMO Hodgson and Allardyce aren't really in contention. As an England fan, I'd rather see Pearce over either of them. As a Spurs supporter, I think Harry would be mad to leave us. IMO Harry is far more likely to win something with us than he is with England.

      The FA need to pull their finger out, delaying the inevitable can be doing nothing for our dressing room.