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  • Nick Nick Mar 9, 2012 10:03 Flag

    What more does Defo have to do?

    Getting sick of the only guy able to knock goals in every game he plays not getting the run of starts he deserves in games.

    I'd like to see Defo start the next 5 Prem games.

    Your thoughts?

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    • Controversial but...

      Today I'd probably go for vdv on the right wing (might not be as fast as Lennon, but Walker's a runner and he's strong enough to hold the ball up there well) and Saha and Defoe up front - I reckon Defoe would be good on a day like today and you've got to play Saha against his old team. Having Bale, vdv and Modric in midfield may sound ridiculous away from home, but I think we've got to demonstrate intent early on against Everton, there's time to bring on holding defenders later, and it gives Adebayor a break.

    • Defoe? DEFO!!!

      I'll get me coat.

      After our game against Stevenage on wednesday on ESPN John Barnes refered to Defoe as being the best striker of the ball in the EPL.
      Some may disagree,but IMO he's definately in the top 3.
      I agree with most that he can be a bit greedy at times,but Harry brings him on to score goals and i think that his tally coming off the bench and with fewer starts than ADE speaks for itself.
      So, for fcuksake Harry give the man a chance or we'll end up 4th or 5th and the possibilty of losing him altogehter and maybe to even Arsenal.
      All the best Jeffall COYS.

    • Natural goalscorers like Defoe are worth their weight in gold. He should be in the team or at least on the bench ready to be involved every game. He's best at what he does best, half chances and accuracy when he hits them.

    • Nick I completely agree,

      Defoe to start every game with Ade/Saha/VDV rotating around him.


      P.S. Essex is awesome!

      • 1 Reply to Joe
      • It depends on what 'arry sees I suppose. I'm not a big fan (or big hater) of the way Daffy plays (on a personal level,I'm not sure about his petulance at times though and some of the dodgy challenges he puts in when he's frustrated) - he does what he does. But IMHO he lacks - he doesn't link up play, so as an out an out goalscorer, his record isn't that good. I've heard about the amazing runs he makes and how he ties up defences - but I must see different games as I've often seen Bale stonking down the left and Daffy not in sight.
        BUT, as I've always agreed, he's the sort of player who will always score goals (as he'll keep shooting and ignore everyone else until he does!) - so maybe he does deserve a run.
        You can see 'arry's dilemma though, given that 'arry seems to like playing a tall man up front - bring in Daffy and drop who? And what do you also drop - ie if you drop VdV, whether I like the way he roams or not, you lose creativity and potential goals. If you drop Ade, you lose the 'tall' target and the link up.