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  • Who's having him?

    His club record is almost second to none, have a look at his first spell at Milan, back when Serie A was a decent league (sorry Vito), its outstanding.

    'Milan remained unbeaten for 58 league games, between 19 May 1991 and 21 March 1993'

    Prior to his England experience Capello was one of the most successful and highly reputed managers around, which makes me think he'd cost an arm and a leg and would demand a big transfer budget, which makes me question whether could afford him?

    I'd like Moyes or Rogers, youngish and I like what they've done with what they have, IMO Swansea play some wonderful football and I'd prefer a manager to have that approach to the game, than a overpaid bus conductor.

    Despite Maureens record, I find the man quite annoying- understatement he's a arrogant little toad, who's managed the biggest spenders wherever he's been, plus his style at the chavs was ugly! effective but ugly.

    Capello wouldn't be a bad appointment, but I think its highly unlikely. I'd have him, but I'd have reservations.


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    • I read the article about Levy promising 'Arry an improved contract and a £50m transfer budget. It signals Levy's intent to everyone out there that we mean business.

      Undecided about Capello, though his record speaks for itself as far as club management goes (and to be fair, he didn't do badly with England except at the WC). Makes you wonder whether he and 'Arry had some sort of agreement - "I'll resign as England coach then we can swap jobs" ;-)

      Not sure about Maureen though you can't deny he gets results wherever he goes, but I'd actually quite like to see what Pep Guardiola could do for us - he's stalling on his Barca contract and might want a new challenge next season. Not keen on either Moyes or Rodgers (who still has a lot to learn and needs more experience before moving to a bigger club IMO). I do NOT want the fat Spanish waiter anywhere near our club either!

      It's all academic until we know for definite whether 'Arry's going or staying, but either way there are interesting times ahead for Spurs with that sort of money available.

    • Bloody hell, Joe. Pools gave him an interview last month but our chairman couldn't understand a fuskcing word he said, so he tore his application up. He had a face like a mile of bad road when he walked out, our guy Ken Holcroft told him to try further down south, maybe as far as Tottenham.--- He's another Erickson, dead squid over here.