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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 10, 2012 19:30 Flag

    Too close yet so far away

    10 points lead squandered in the space of 3 matches.

    methinks the mighty Gunners did the damage.......

    Arsenal,,,,,, Man U...... Everton.

    It's game on Yidsters!!!!!!

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    • Not the Gunners that did the damage all the media speculation about arry becoming england manager unsettled the side we were fine till the press started linking arry with the england managers job

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      • So you reckon Spurs would have won or taken anything out of the following matches (Arsenal, away > Man U, home > Everton, away) if Capello didn't resign from his post?

        I find it very hard to believe that you would have taken something out of the above games even at the best of time for Spurs. To jog your memory, many people on this same board accepted that Spurs were very lucky to win your home game against Arsenal. 2-1 final scoreline didn't reflect the dominance by Arsenal, who were clearly the better side at WHL when the two sides met. Kyle Walker who scored the winning goal got lucky on that occasion with a wonder strike. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he has managed another strike like that all through the season apart from his Danny Rose-like moment.

        On the Man U game, this is a side Spurs haven't beaten in 25 or so attempts. There's a psychological factor at play even before a ball is kicked. Okay, Spurs dominated possession in this game but no cigar. Man U did to Spurs at WHL what they are renowned for in the league --winning matches whilst playing crap football.

        Finally, Everton away is always a tough fixture as many top teams have discovered to their great cost in recent seasons, this is a side that regularly give the likes of Man U, Chelsea, Man City, etc, a tough game and always manage to take valuable points off the top sides, I wasn't expecting Spurs to win, and I thought before the match that the best Spurs can come away with is a draw against Everton.

        To conclude, I don't buy into this -we would have done better if the England isn't vacant- excuse at all. Fact of the matter is, Spurs have a poor record against the top sides, although you have improved markedly against the midtable /relegation fodders this season.

    • as iv said all along, id take 4th in a heartbeat.
      on form u would say arsenal have to be the big favs for 3rd.
      could be a shoot out between us & chelsea for 4th.

      i would have took a pt away to everton so i dont see today as a big blow really.

      newcastle are really out of form so i expect u to win big on monday. chelsea won as well so its another bad day for us.

      iv forgotten what it was like to win away from home.
      we cant even beat stevanage away!