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  • Michael Michael Mar 10, 2012 19:40 Flag

    Here's a radical idea...Bale on the left and Modric in the centre

    Is it too much to ask to have our best players playing in their best positions. It's not rocket science, Bales best assets are pace and his crossing, to scare the living jesus out of the right back, isn't it a no brainer????
    Also playing Modric on the left isn't working, his influence is in the middle of the pitch. So frustrating

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    • iv been saying this for a while michael.
      i hate modric on the left. he is effective through the middle.
      it upsets the balance so much with him out wide & no creative CM playing.
      bale should stick with left wing where he is at his best.
      if he wants to come through the centre now & then for short spells then thats fine. but he should mainly be on the left out wide.

      the balance has been off for a while now. as soon as lennon is injured, the whole set up goes all over the place & we look disjointed.