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  • sledge sledge Mar 10, 2012 19:41 Flag

    What is Redknapp thinking?

    OK, No Lennon available! Our only real right winger.
    So why not play either VdV, Dos Santos, Krancjar or even Sandro on the right?
    I just don't see the sense in pulling our only other dangerous winger (Bale) out of position, and in turn taking our usually brilliant playmaker Modric and sticking him on the left!
    That's two of our best and most creative players nullified in one stroke.
    On top of that! Both Parker and Sandro in the middle, meaning no creativity in the centre!
    So that's nothing on either wing, and bugger all in the middle!
    Can't say i'm surprised we could not score today.
    For me, Redknapp has lost the plot for our last 3 games. I don't blame our players at all!
    Harry has picked up a bad habit of tinkering with our line-up and formation lately and it's quickly undoing all the seasons great work.
    Furthermore, he does seem rather clueless during a game when things aren't going our way. No changes at half time today, again!!!
    Does he not see what's wrong and where we're lacking?
    Harry's a great manager, good with the lads.
    But pretty daft when it comes to tactics.

    Is he just naturally naive? Or is his mind heavily on the England vacancy?

    I say... go now! or say you don't want the England job. Because right now, it's screwing up our season and he's unlickely to get the call from The Sweet F.A.

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    • iv just replied to a similar post sledge.
      for a while i have said modric wide left is such a waste & upsets the balance. bale is far better out wide on the left whilst occasionally drifting in the middle.

      the last 3 team selections and tactics by harry have been puzzling to say the least.

      for example the arsenal game, he could have gone
      bale modric parker lennon

      which is the obvious best midfield 4.

      but instead he plays niko at left wing, which than means bale goes somewhere else & so on.

      TIME TO GO BACK TO BASICS HARRY. play the players in their best positions!

      im not looking foward to the bolton game, i hear he is putting parker in goal.