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  • john john Mar 10, 2012 19:57 Flag

    Man management not enough

    We all know harry is good with player's, but he has'nt got a clue tactically IMO..Why on earth does'nt he tell Bale to play on left and stay there?.He would of been up against a 34yr old Neville instead of playing out of position on the right against a younger man, and playing our best player where Bale should be in Modric on the left...I said in the summer I didnt think he could manage a top team, and I think it's now showing. For the money we would have to pay for Ade, plus his wage's, he is know where near worth it, so let's get some new blood up front...very disappointed....thoughts...

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    • Agree. Mutually benificial appointment but time for Levy to try to go to the next level for next season. Spurs have an enviable squad lets get someone who is at home at the top level.

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      • nobody abhors the way football clubs are now owned by oligarchs more than myself but that is the reality. in the case of THFC, the oligarch is one joe lewis who appears to have minimal interest in or knowledge of spurs. previous comments about the need for a tactically skilled manager are correct but such people cost money. joe lewis has no interest, it seems, in spending that sort of money and nor is the club prepared to raise the salary bar. again the idea of people being paid tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds a week for kicking a football around is obscene but that is another reality. you will not and cannot get a first rate team managed by a first class tactician unless you are ready to pay for them. that is the real problem in spurs: an unwillingness to spend, a deficit in foresight.

    • harry is a good manager. he isnt great tactically but even the likes of wenger arent very good tactically.

      u have got top managers like pep, jose & fergie etc

      than harry is in the group. he has done so many good things for us & has done far better than anyway thought.

      but tactics & some bizarre team selections do annoy me & are his weaknesses. bale very good at LW like u say but he insists on letting him roam. modric amazing in the middle, so he shifts him out wide left where bale is amazing?! its a double clanger!

      against the top teams he can be far too naive. he picks a too open & attacking team which is why are record against the top teams is awful this season!

      i personally dont think we could get better if he leaves as we wouldnt attract 1 of the top managers like jose.

      so if he did go than someone like moyes would probably be the realistic option. they are probably very even in terms of managerial skill.

      i hope harry stays. but i also hope he goes back to basics & plays players in their best position. he hasnt got the brain to do anything too complicated so keeping things simple is part of what makes him good.