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  • Alan H Alan H Mar 11, 2012 12:07 Flag

    The FA Should FO

    They must be the most unprofessional set up in world football. Everything they set about putting in place is slow motion and indecisive. They've wrecked Harry's concentration and probably cost Spurs a small fortune in the process.
    If they aren't able to perceive public and professional opinion and make a decision either way promptly and move on it's just further proof of how far we're behind the rest of the bunch.

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    • The sad issue regarding this situation and our opinions differ, is that I'm sure Harry would have taken the job weeks ago. Not now for me, he's had time to absorb the whys and wherefores and the strain on his clock has shown it. Move on mate, stick with what you're good at, and let the behind the times farts make another fuskcing mess of the England farce.
      H---Victor Meldrew