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    How did we not win? Harry asks....

    How many reasons can you think of?
    1 Bale on the right
    2 Modric on the left
    3 2dm's playing in the same areas
    4 Strikers missing the goal or hitting the goalkeeper
    5 Players taking corners, or free kicks near pen area, not delivering good quality
    6 No plan B
    The players do not seem to be 100% on the game.
    Why doesn't he either say......
    "Yes I will take the England job if offered or NO I don't want it".
    All this dithering by the FA and Harry's No Comment is interfering with the team's performance as well as 1 - 6.
    I'm sure other Spuds will think of more or maybe dis-agree but these are just some I thought of.

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    • You reckon Levy can sue Capello for quitting and the unrest it's caused? If he can he will, and if anyone can Dan can...

    • I don't know if you remember remmah but I said a while ago when many on here were saying about how good our squad was that I disagreed. My comments were based around those on the bench not being of the same quality of those on the pitch which meant that when we had injuries we were going to suffer.

      As it has turned out it is a mixture of injuries, lack of form, poor tactics and lethargic play that has been our undoing.

      As for stats, well we all know how deceiving they can be. Knocking the ball along our back four over and over again, as we have a wont to do, distorts the possession % no end and taking hasty pot shots from 25 yards that miss by an even great distance than from where the shooter is does not mean we should have won the game.

      If it wasn't so tragic it would make me laugh but when Parker suddenly is having shots from 30 yards (when did he last score by the way?) or we bring on Livermore to change the game (when did he last score by the way?) it just goes to show how desperate we are. Ah I know, bring on VDV and lets see him play between King and Kaboul.

      Oh, and where has Adebyors ball control gone? All of a sudden he looks like a stick of rock trying to trap one of those super hard bouncy balls my kids used to play with.

    • I agree with a lot of what your saying, but I dont understand why people keep saying we have one of the strongest squad's in the PL...IMO the opposite is true, if based on a squad capable of challenging for trophies, and a higher posistion than 4th...sure we have some experience in depth, but look at what we dont have...1, no natural full back's to cover either side..2. no natural right sided wide man...3. IMO no player who can come off the bench to change a game which most top squad's have...we have player's who will come on and have little impact if we are chasing a game....The other thing that I dont see changing, is the coaching of the team when defending...If you look at the goal's we concede, most are from corner's and quick one.two's behind our fullback's with no other player covering the run's....we all know BAE can be lazy staying with his man, but it make' you wonder just what the coaching staff are doing to make him realise his responsibility...These are only my opinion's and accept any disagreement other's may have

    • SB,
      I don't read posts? You said:

      '......u seem to think we can still win the title. i personally think 4th would be good this season.....'

      I replied:

      '...Do I? Did I ever? I tend to work off figures as you know SB, so my thoughts constantly change as the figures change.....'

      I can't give you a won word answer. As I said the post - I think we'll finish (now - before the next games) anywhere between 3rd and 5th.

    • as i thought, carrying on with the politican waffling without answering a question requiring a 1 word answer!

      plz re read my posts john. i never said u think we will win the league. i said u think we still can.

      anyway, i dont no we are debating further because u just dont read my posts properly. because i also said with the current players & manager, what finishing position do u think is a par score?

      u started going on about form etc. im not talking about that.

      im talking about where do u think this team should finish overall & over the course of the season.

      u still didnt answer it john. forget form etc. with the current set of players & this manager, what position do u think is a par score?

      1 word answer plzzzzzzzzzzzzz john!

      can u manage it?

    • Oh, and ps '...as a fan, i think people who think we can win the title this season are building themselves up for disappointment.
      beni,john etc thought we could win the league, so all im saying is they will logically be disappointed that we wont....'

      No,no, no. Please read the posts again SB. I will not be disappointed in the least. I'm happy when we're playing good football, and even happier when we're winning. I'm disappointed when we're playing badly and distraught when we're playing badly and losing.

      Plus, unless I posted in my sleep, I don't recall saying that I think we'll come first. From recollection I have said that I thought 'arry was right to say what he did and (ie that he thought that winning the title was possible and should be what we're aiming for). It was possible at that point with the form of the teams.

    • '......u seem to think we can still win the title. i personally think 4th would be good this season.....'

      Do I? Did I ever? I tend to work off figures as you know SB, so my thoughts constantly change as the figures change. BUT at the point when 'arry was asked about winning the title, our form was the best in the league (and overall it still must be third) - and on that form we could have won the title (because that is what form is).

      I think the league has a general habit of showing how good you are. 38 games is a good sample. So now to today. Well obviously the form has dipped (in points I would add - not necessarily in the way we've played) and the gap between us and 2nd is (to me) too much to make up.
      I'd guess that 9 points in 10 games is beyond the Toon - although not outside the realms of reality.

      The gap then to me is now anywhere between 3rd and 5th. If we continue as Utd/Everton and play, then I would hope the goals would come and I can still see 3rd. But if we play as did against Woolwich, then I can see 5th.

      I'd like 3rd, and with the squad and 'arry, think we're capable of it.

      If next season, our run of form shows a trend better than the teams above us, then I'd like any of the places above - at that point. As I keep repeating, it all comes down to belief. Read the Wrighty article. He thinks Woolwich will claim 3rd, as they believe they can and they have the players to close it out. I honestly don't think they have a better squad than us. Whether we have the belief (and a goalscorer like RvP) is a different matter though. That is what 'arry is now getting paid for. To instil that sense of belief in the players.

    • i meant the players arent listening to us!

    • I never saw the game, but I listened to it, and it sounded to me as though we dominated the second half after having been pretty poor in the 1st.
      The 'stats' (http://soccernet.espn.go.com/match?id=318278&cc=5739) show us with overall 62% so that implies the 2nd half possession must have been much higher. And it shows 24 attempts - with Daffy having 7 of those.

      So I'm a bit lost as to the ''arry has lost it'. Fine we lost to Utd, but we dominated the game and 'should' have won. It seems we dominated against Everton and had enough attempts to have won. The only game where I though we deserved to lose, was against the Woolwich bunch.

      We all know from experience that football is like that though. You don't always win the games you play well in, and you don't always lose the ones you're crap in.

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      • Personally, I didn't feel that we were unlucky to not win these games. Yes, we were all over Man Utd for the majority of the game, and yes! we dominated the second half at Goodison. That's all due to Spurs having quality players. Yet for all our posession and dominance, we very seldom carved out real goal scoring opportunities and rarely troubled the opposition. For me, this is due to simply playing our most creative and dangerous players out of position.
        There's no point having 2 Defensive Midfielders in the middle to win the ball, if they then have no outlet to turn it into a dangerous attack.
        That is for me the major (if not sole) reason we got nothing from our last 3 matches. The rest being the uncertainty of Redknapp's future at THFC.
        Ar$enal were there for the taking, despite them being really up for the game, and us being crap... we still managed to get ourselves 2-0 up before finally being punished.

        What really annoys me is when he comes out with remarks like he cannot understand how we lost the last 2 games, and attributes it to just bad luck.
        For me it shows that he does not see that his tactical changes of late do not work and are hurting us.
        I'm just hoping he sees the light ASAP and goes back to what we all know and love, and that's Bale on the left, Modric in the middle and Lennon on the right!
        No matter the injuries or suspensions... whomever of those 3 is available to play, they should only be doing so in said positions.
        We have decent enough cover to fill in the gaps when any of them cannot play.
        Don't get me wrong! I like 'Arry... and unless we can get better, I wish him to stay. I'm just afraid that he may be becoming one of those managers (ie.. Ar$e n' Winger) that is blinkered and cannot learn from his own mistakes.

      • John, if you could get a further breakdown you might find that a large percentage of that 60 odd percent possession would have come in the last ten minutes of play (inc 5 min injury time). That coincided with Bale and Modric reverting to their normal positions i.e. Bale wide and Modric play making in the middle of the park, in the eighty fifth minute.

        A lot of people on this site and elsewhere have commented that using Modric (who is certainly one of the best play-makers in the PL) out wide wastes his talent, ditto Bale on the right side. Those are tactical decisions from the management team. Since using Scotty Parker as play-maker, Modric wide and Bale in a roving role the teams balance and effectiveness has been diminished.

        I appreciate the absence of Lennon forces change but they've tinkered with a shape and balance that perfectly suited their best players and have stopped winning games. Facts speak for themselves.

      • Yes I saw the stats as well they confirm my opinion regarding our shooting. Only 5 of 24 shots on target!!! Toffees had as many on target from only 9 attempts. We really need to concentrate better around the goal area.
        As domination of play doesn't mean we win!!

    • I couldn't disagree with one word,

      The FA/Harry's indecision could cost us a CL!


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      • We're looking a shadow of the side we were a couple of months ago, and it all seems to coincide with the things that have gone on on Harry's life. For the first time since he's been manager at Spurs, I found his after-match interview a bit arrogant, even slightly Wenger-like, failing to give the opposition due credit and making excuses for the team's short-comings, as if he realises his own but can't acknowledge them...almost like he's practising for the England job! A bit of gloom descending on WHL now, especially for those of us filled with optimism a few short weeks ago...others saw it coming.
        Don't get me wrong - I am a big fan of Harry Redknapp and want him to stay at Spurs, but is his present frame of mind 100%? Let's hope things get sorted for him one way or another before the rot truly sets in! I still believe that under a revitalised Harry there's a very bright future ahead! COYS!!!