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    'Arry interview


    Interesting read. I'm a big 'Arry fan, but it strikes me as a tad hypocritical for him to have criticised Capello's tactics re Gerrard when he's often played our best players, Bale & Modric, out of position this season.

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    • I sound as though I am just 'championing' 'arry. That isn't the case.

      Surely 'arry can say what he likes - like you and me. He has an opinion like everyone else - that's exactly why he played Bale and Modric where he did - because that was what he thought 'right' at that point.
      To be hypocritical, wouldn't 'arry have had to have complained about somebody expressing an opinion about his selection whilst at the same time him voicing an opinion about another manager's selection?

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      • Maybe I chose the wrong word - disingenuous might have been more appropriate. I do think 'Arry has been rattled by questions about his tactics though John. A few pundits have raised concerns about them, and he clearly had the hump with whoever was interviewing him after the Everton game, although I have to admit I didn't see the whole post-match interview.

        Butterfly, I agree that playing Bale and Modric out of their usual positions can flummox the opposition and it worked beautifully against Norwich, but surely it's to our detriment if always doing so means we lose our attacking strength. We know we play best with Bale rampaging down the left, Lennon (when fit) down the right, and Modric controlling things in the midfield. Yes Bale may be targeted/double marked but he has the speed and agillity to counter it and better the opposition, without I hasten to say falling to the ground at the drop of a hat and claiming a free kick or penalty every time he's tackled - he should be better than that.

        One thing I would say is that the refs should be more aware of how he and other players like him are targeted and caution the oppo defence sooner - too often I've seen them get away with blatant and cynical fouls with no punishment. If they keep getting away with it they'll continue until one day the likes of Bale, Sturridge, Giggs or any other speedy player will be hacked down and pick up a very serious or career-ending injury.

    • I'm sorry KM, but I don't buy into this ''playing our best players out of position'' bollocks I kept reading on here. Part of being a good manager is the ability to surprise the oppositions by tweaking your formation tactically.

      During a match-day, the opposing side's manager expects to see Bale on the left and Modric in the centre and therefore it's easy for them to try and negate Spurs' threats by doing a man-marking job on Bale and Modric even before a ball is kicked. But there's a surprise element by deploying both elsewhere as 'Arry has done recently. It's a long season, a good player should be able to fill in other areas when required.

      I think people are just over-reacting by questioning 'Arry's tactics because of the 3 defeats on the bounce Spurs suffered, whilst ignoring the fact that Arsenal away, Man U at home, followed by a difficult away trip to Everton is a tough fixture schedule even for a team as good as Man City.

    • He should make a good England manager then KM. lol