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    Harry's Stance over his future....

    I just wish he'd make his mind up and commit to Spurs (or England and hope he get's offered it).
    I would think a lot more of him if he had the balls to do that.
    Press are saying Modric won't sign a new deal that's on offer until he knows if Harry is staying or who the new manager will be.
    HR's saying he wants Hazard!!!!!!! but then himself might be off in the summer.
    So is Levy going to spend £30mill on a player who a new manager might not want? I think not.
    All Spurs squad/team plans are on hold until Harry makes his mind up.
    As I've said before on other posts HE is causing loads of problems for our club with his current stance.
    It must be unsettling for the players and having some negative impact causing the results we have been getting recently.
    Don't jump down my throat, I know we are in a far better position than we have been since the great 60's team and I thank HR for that, but, having taken us there, HR should finish the job or at least not derail what he has set in motion.
    He will not get a better chance to win the EPL in his career than at WHL. I know he says the England job would be the pinnacle of any English manager's career but wouldn't being the first English manager to win the EPL say as much about him?
    Just some musings by me!!!

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    • That's a devil of a comment, devil---spot on.

    • not sure why he would want to take the england job, why dont he just stick with your club and build a good team which he his doing. your not a debt ridden club , he can buy players etc. and do spurs really want another manager to come in.

    • I've got another perspective for you here: imagine when you started working you moved around jobs quite a lot, enjoyed it but didn't really settle anywhere.

      You moved to another company, and they made it clear that they didn't really think you were great at the role but that they thought you could be.

      Every time you got to the point you thought you were best at your job, someone new and a little bit better came in, and your confidence was knocked all over again. Then your department gets a new boss. Finally you really feel you're at your best, you get a little promotion. Your department as a whole is performing better, which means you stop seeing your co-workers as competition, but colleagues, and recognise their achievements support you.

      Then, half way through a major project, there are noises that Yeh new manager might be leaving. S/he realises it's causing friction, so calls a meeting and tells you that there's no way they'll leave without seeing the project out.

      At this stage do you really want to know what happens after that? You're comfortable, working well, and need to stay focussed. You find out the boss is leaving, and surely all that'll do is have a knock on effect of gossiping about the rest of the company and who might leave. You can't pretend it's not an option, but at least you can put it out of your mind for a while.

      That, my friends, is a little tale I like to call "The Michael Dawson Story". Please note all similarities to persons either alive, dead or in fiction is strictly coincidental.

      Where I work we're more surprised when someone says they're not applying for jobs than they're leaving, and every so often someone key leaves, leading to a flood of people following them. I'd rather our team keep their heads down than work on their CVs/call their agents.

    • redknapp has a history of this, he jumped ship 2 with pompey and southampton. my guess is he will still take england job , thats why he,s not focused on the getting top 4. if he dont get the fa cup or dont get into last 4 and spurs are 5th in the table come end of march first week in april. he will be gone.

    • LTS,
      PS - this is the sort of thing that makes me smile - read the headline here (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2114057/Harry-Redknapp-keen-England-job.html?ITO=1490), then read the whole article and pick out the bits that are direct quotes from 'our 'arry and see if they match back to what they claim in the headline.

      I get the Radio Times and have read the 'arry chat with Alan Sugar there and it basically says bugger all about England per se - the question that they 'quote' in the Mail is regarding 'arry being a pundit. Good RT article though - made me smile.

      So much spin, some of these journalists could get second jobs as gyroscopes.

    • Surely Joe, that is what's been (being) said?

      'arry made it plain that he'd be interested in being England manager. Fine.

      Much the same as I'd be interested in having my bosses job, but I wouldn't say that I'd definitely take the job until I knew what the terms were exactly.

      IMHO, the way to resolve it is for the FA to state exactly who they do want, and what the conditions are. But there's the rub. They can't do that at this stage without upsetting the clubs (I bet Levy is already working on a 'damages' figure) and they won't talk about the terms, as they will want to negotiate depending on who the manager is they approach. Hence the catch 22.

    • LTS,
      Imagine a dream job (or should I say title - as a job is defined by the contract which hasn't been offered) opened up for yourself. So you'd obviously be interested. But no one has made you an offer yet - you haven't a clue as to any of the terms attached to the job - salary, responsibility, chain of command, period of tenure, expectation - nothing. Your current bosses are aware that you're interested in the other 'title' as it's something you've spoken about in the past, but they don't say anything to you either. They don't try to make you stay. Nobody actually says anything to you, but all your colleagues are talking about you leaving/staying - and they constantly ask you if you're interested in the other job and if you will be going.

      What do you really expect 'arry to say? As I said yesterday, IF the FA were to offer some ludicrous amount and give 'arry free rein over the team, selection, 10 year deal, win bonuses etc blah blah blah, then 'arry anyone could see that 'arry may be swayed. BUT until any offer is made and potentially Spurs make a counter offer, what can he say apart from what he has said?
      You could say he should say nothing at all - but that isn't 'arry is it? If people ask him questions, he tends to answer them. That appears to be 'arry. Personally, I quite like that trait - but we all react differently.

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      • Fair point John about no offer or counter offer etc. but, and it's a BIG but, if, after having talked and agreed with Daniel Levy about a new contract, he could end all speculation by saying "I'm staying at Spurs". Surely the ball is in his court to approach Levy and inquire about his future, he holds all the aces?
        But if, as it appears, his heart is set on England then I fear for the rest of our season.
        As for him answering questions I have to disagree. I've heard politicians be more forthright than our Harry. When asked "Would you take the England job if offered?
        His reply was something along the lines of "Anyone who is English would love to manage their country. It has to be the pinnacle of his career"
        That doesn't answer the question set does it? "
        So I don't think he does answer the questions asked of him. I can't stand politicians because they never answer direct questions either, so no sorry it's not a trait I like in people.