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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Mar 14, 2012 18:58 Flag

    How to stop a downward spiral?

    Harry does make me titter. After the last game he was asked if the current Spurs downward spiral was linked to the rumours of said 'arry quitting for England,to which he replied 'Absolute nonsense', thrice over,looking extremely irritated at the same time. That is all fine and dandy. However it cannot be denied that Spurs have indeed had less luck since the England job reared its ugly head. The MIGHTY Arsenal have closed the gap from 10 points,to just one.

    What happens next?

    Old 'arry is suddenly exclaiming that he is 'not sure about the England job' and 'happy at Spurs' after all, going on to talk of possible signings for Spurs in the summer.

    Anyone else think 'arry is desperately trying to hush talk of his next post (England manager) whilst trying to get Spurs back on course before they capitulate and Roy Hodgson gets the nod instead of him?

    Squeaky bum time Yidsters.

    I can hear your bottom squeaking from here 'HRJ'.

    (Don't worry 'KM', i am far to gentlemanly to mention thy rear end blow outs)

    A long road yet!

    Much love!

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