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  • It looked at one point last night that all the results would go against us. But, it shouldn't matter what the other teams do - the problem is that now it does. 4th is ours to lose and 3rd is now the Woolwich bunch's to lose.
    Again, I didn't think we were 'that bad' last night (and thought overall that we may just - just - have deserved a win), but there seemed to be a lack of pace to our game that made it look relatively comfortable for Stoke to deal with.
    I still don't get this '2nd half' of the season issue with goals. We've now seen the same trait over the past two or three seasons and I can't for the life of me see what the problem is. Maybe it's Bale thinking he's the goalscorer rather than the provider? Teams getting realising how to handle us? I originally thought it was the VdV affect - but that doesn't explain why the 'main strikers' just don't seem to be on form.

    That game's gone, onto the next and as 'arry says, there's a few more twists and turns left in the season.

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