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  • Jlock Jlock Mar 24, 2012 08:21 Flag

    Today and beyond

    seems very quiet in here of late. Either that's depression or people have fled since the trolls arrived (usual Gooner posters excepted).

    All the games between now and the end of the season are hugely important (when you think about it, in reality all the games from the start of the season are as important) - how will 'arry approach it? Simply go for and try to open the gap, or play it safer knowing that a draw is 2pts lost for the Chavs?
    My heart says go for it. Sweaty palms already.

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    • I was one of the people who thought they'd drop to mid table after their early burst. But credit where credit's due, Pardew has kept them in there.

    • It'll be even more quieter on here, John, when the Magpies are biting at your arse.
      H---Pardew's calm.

    • LTS,
      For me I still 'believe' that if we're playing ok, then the results will come. I'd rather be watching games thinking '...we should have won that..', rather than '....we should have lost that...' when we're going through a bad patch (ie a run of games where we're not getting points on the board).
      The only game that I recently saw where I thought we deserved to lose was against Woolwich, where IMHO the attitude (and football) was appalling - since then, OK we haven't got points, but the football has been good enough to have gotten the points.

      Every team has ups and downs - even the top top clubs. The only thing is that they 'grind out results' when they're playing badly. We're getting there - as if this is a bad patch, how many teams have actually beaten us or played better than us?

    • Arsenal didn't play well when they had no backline to call upon, and a midfield unused to playing together. Add to that the moronic 'supporters' (i use that term EXTREMELY loosely) that booed the team and manager from the stands at every turn, it's little wonder the club struggled somewhat. However now that the club are able to field a better defensive unit and Arteta has gelled with Song and co, the teams performances are much more gratifying, and those w*nker 'fans' that know f*ck all (excuse my french, but i feel rather passionately about this particular subject matter) have slunk back into the shadows. Faces covered in Egg.

      Wondrous stuff.

    • '....i think a lot of people dont bother coming on here anymore because u have to pretend we are going to win the league or be fighting for it come the end of the season....'

      Oh dear me - or couldn't you equally argue that the people have left because they don't think Daffy is the messiah?

      '....our performances have been ok, not great. we have missed lennon on the right & some balance in midfield....'

      SB, surely, if you asked Woolwich and Chav and Pool supporters, they have also NOT been playing too well. Isn't that what a league is all about? Some times you play well, some not so well. The teams that play consistently well, finish higher than those who consistently play badly? At this point, with 3/4 of the season gone, our position indicates that our good performances (or should I say wins, as I've been told that the game is about scoring and winning and not performances) have outweighed the bad as we're 4th?

      '.....harry has been poor with tactics & team selection lately.
      again today, no defoe, not even for 10mins at the end.....'

      I've said this before. Good/bad and taste is subjective. You cannot say 'arry's team selection is poor, simply because it doesn't agree with who you would pick.

      '....defoe is our best goalscorer & deserves at least the last 20mins or so.....'

      How do you define 'best goalscorer'? Do you see what he does in training?

    • "why don't you do us all a favour and, FCUK OFF!""

      I'm here to stay, and where's your sense of humour JEFFALL?

    • Layla, my remarks were tongue-in-cheek. That was why I threw in the RVP line. I meant it facetiously.

      On the points you raised about not taking results (win or lose) too seriously, I believe you Layla. In fact, I find your contributions on the boards refreshing, straight to the point and you always try to be as objective as you possibly can when you're not on one of your anti- Arsenal rants.

      To your credit, you've always call it the way it is and this I believe is one of the main reasons some on the Man U site don't like your contributions.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend Layla.

    • It's little things like that,
      that really fcuk me off.
      We've been above your arse all season,but i bet there's not many of us coming on your board giving it the biggun,so why don't you do us all a favour and,

      FCUK OFF!

    • that makes no sense slayer!

      if i had been a boaster then it would make sense.

      how spurs are doing has no impact on how often i post.
      i dont see why thats relevant at all.

      in fact, some have accused me of posting more when we lose than when we are winning.

      slayer, u really need to understand this is just internet message boards. to even suggest someone would keep a low profile when there team is losing is very worrying!

      if we lost 12-0 to wigan i wouldnt think i better not post today because of that!

      i dont really care what a stranger on an internet board says to me (& nor should u).

      also, i predicted we would slip & have always said id take 4th even when we were 3rd & in form.

      iv been busy lately so not really got online much.

      4th would be great & id be more than happy with that.

      u should be down because u should be fighting for the title, not focusing on finishing 3rd & above us. how your targets have changed over the last few yrs.

      3rd would be seen as a disaster by u lot not so long ago.

    • Any reason why you've decided to keep a low profile lately, babe?

      I hope it's nothing to do with the fact that your lot have let slipped a 13-point lead or RVP being as fit as a fiddle, Layla?

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