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    Oi my faithful followers

    i just want you all to know that your Harry is appy at Spurs and that the England job could not possiblee be furver from my mind and that the players remain totally unaffected cos they dont giv a shit about me do they? no .No doubt you lot are worrying about the way we have given our lead away to those shitcunts down the road but we only did it for a laugh and Baley has told me the blip is over now anyway. I'm playing baley in goal next game by the way cos i just realised what big ands he has and i reckon he can do a job while i play Frydyall upfront in a team bonding excersise.
    Start posting on ear again you lot and stop hiding away. whats up with yer? grow some hairy bollocks. we got the flaming bragging rights dont you worry your littlle cotton socks

    Bring it on Arseen!

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