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  • Jlock Jlock Mar 27, 2012 10:05 Flag

    Bolton - FA Cup

    I'm glad we're not the first game that they played after Muamba although I still think both sides will be affected by what occurred, no matter what anyone says, even if it's only for the first few minutes before the 'playing the game' automatic reactions take over.

    Hopefully we'll get a good performance in with a win to back it up and start back on the winning track.

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    • There was a comical moment towards the end, when Bale slated Defoe for not passing, when they both are guilty of the same thing...Daffy has been like it throughout his career, but he did lay on the pass for Bale's goal...Overall, it was a good all round performance, but until we scored, you alway's worry of a break away goal...Here's hoping we can play the same way against Chelsea, should be a great game...

    • Well it sounded like a good performance on the radio last night.
      I had started to think that we weren't going to score again, even with the number of attempts - and every time Bolton even got in our half, my palms were sweating. But the goals came.

      It does seem still though that Bale has a shoot on sight policy (he had about twice as many shots as anyone else) - so maybe that is where the lack of supply to the strikers starts? Although Pleat said there was only one occasion where he thought Bale should have laid the ball off rather than shooting. Daffy had enough shots as well for the time he was on - and conversely he took a bit of stick from Pleat for being greedy and not laying the ball off when there was a better ball on. So maybe I'm just being over critical of Bale.

      Anyway - we won - the Chavs next. Now that game at their ground must have given the team the belief that we can beat them - so it should make for a good semi. And if Everton stuff Pool - I would take a Spurs/Everton final. One step at a time.

    • Obviously Bolton will put in a higher determined performance, so I hope Harry is telling the player's to raise their efforts right from the start...I think we should play our strongest team possible, but it looks like some will be rested..As fan's I think we should rather have trophies in the cabinet, rather than the money men having cash in the bank..we should be strong enough to mount a challenge for top four, without "resting" player's to get there...Player's dont need much excuse to say their tired, if manager's keep telling them they are, do they?

    • ..what may be also interesting to see is if the same pattern emerges tonight and over the next few games with regards to the strikers and attempts on goal..
      Over the past few games (I didn't look back), the stats I've seen show Bale with vastly more attempts than the strikers themselves.
      I know I've said this earlier - so this is just repetition, but it may be that Bale now sees himself as goal-scorer rather than goal-provider and in some small way may explain why the strikers themselves aren't getting to many goals.