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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 1, 2012 19:14 Flag

    mixed results so far. big game v swans!

    I know no-one other than me gives a damn, but the swans are keeping us from top of one league... http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/matchday/fair-play.html

    I'd like that league, the FA cup and 3rd please!

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    • another good performance & win to follow up the bolton game.
      much more better attacking play. bale was great & much more effective when he plays down the left wing a lot more.
      good that he can now & then switch to the right or come inside but at least half his game should be down the left wing.

      modric,parker,ade,kaboul & bale in paticular were very good.
      friedel made an amazing save too.

      credit to swans, they passed it well. they missed caulker who looks like kaboul mark 2!

      our 1st goal from a corner in 133 attempts! that needs to be worked at.

      lennon back & already creating a goal is very good news. just by standing on the right sideline he stretches the play for us.

      credit to harry, he got his tactics spot on!

      still fighting for the fa cup & top 4 is very pleasing!