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  • Layla Layla Mar 31, 2012 22:33 Flag

    mixed results so far. big game v swans!

    1st of all, a good performance & win against bolton. best free flowing football we have played since probably the newcastle game.
    glad we are taking the fa cup more seriously this year.

    the gooners lost to qpr which is always good!
    the bad news is chelsea got the expected win against villa to close the gap on us.

    it could have been worse, arsenal could have won too!

    big game against the swans tomorrow.
    3pts are vital because of our recent bad form & dropped pts. also with a very tough sunderland away game next, we really need the win tomorrow.

    dont know who is fit etc but hopefully we will have lennon at least on the bench because we did miss him when he is injured.

    should be a good passing game tomorrow.
    i think it will be close. im going to be positive for a change & go for a 2-1 win!

    hopefully liverpool will beat newcastle too. i like the geordies but they are doing far too well!

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    • I agree with your last paragraph,

      Any kind of a victory at the Chavs in the cup and I'll be delighted. I'd take a point from the Sunderland game now, as IMO that will be tough.

      I couldn't argue that stokes style is effective. My problem with stoke their style is counter productive for England, we will never have a national team capable of winning any competitions whilst we have young English players learning and being encouraged to play like stoke.

      Vito, who occasional comes on here slates the English game as kick and rush, stoke are one of the main reason why his argument has some validity.

      What irritates me is the 'we can't afford players, that would allow us to play any differently'- bollocks! argument that some stoke fans use to excuse their rugby league style of play. Norwich and Swansea have exposed that argument as invalid.

      Stokes football may be interesting, but IMO only as an example of what to avoid and what NOT to promote in our youth teams.

      If that makes me a football snob, so be. Rather that than an advocate of the ugly game. SB you hve made valid arguments that the quality of the EPL is eroding, IMO stoke are one of the clubs responsible (as well as others) for the decline in footballing quality.

      I feel appointing Rodgers straight after Harry would be an error, I am a huge fan of his, but I feel it would be too early for him, 3-5 years time and I think he's have a better chance of being successful. I'd take Moyes tomorrow- awesome man manger and a superb eye for a bargain.

      I may have mis represented my feeling regarding Gallas, he was a world class CB in his day, he saved us when he first arrive, but with his increasing absence his age and his smoking habit, his performances will only go one way. I am also surprised by his contract extension, IMO we need to re-vitalise the CB's, Dawson, Kaboul and Caulker are all good or promising players, but I feel Nelson, King, Gallas are all on the downward spiral and replacing them would be wise.

      Jes, this is turning into an epic, soz


    • No way are Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal better than us this season...3 pts against the Jacks today will put us back where we should be according to the fotball we've played this season! I hope Lennon will be fit soon because he will give balance to Bale's pace on the left, and we should give Daffy a start...he really got us fizzing against Bolton. Rafa and Saha on the bench on the bench for plan B! I would love us to win the FA Cup in 2012 to prove it is not only a one in the year that is lucky for us but a TWO as well! 1962 - Burnley...1972 - Wolves UEFA Cup...1982 - QPR FA Cup. We're too good not to win anything this season!

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      • Spot on HRJ.
        We've worked hard this season and more than deserve to be where we are and back on level terms with the ARSE.
        Not a fantastic peformance from us today,but one that showed willing and determination after Swansea equalised.
        Two good goals from Ade and a peach from Rafa and could have been more with the chances created.
        But fair play to the Swans, they came and gave us a good game with some good football to watch.
        Hopefully we can push on from here and prove to the doubters that we are a top 4 side.
        Also a little reminder, that the FAT LADY and SINGING come to mind.

      • I must admit that looking at the fixtures over the weekend I would have had Woolwich down for a win against QPR and us to struggle to a draw against Swansea but the table looks a lot better than it would have if I'd been riht.