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  • Alan H Alan H Apr 2, 2012 00:19 Flag

    Better Than The Bachelors

    They'll be top of the charts for months to come and resisting temptation.
    Ba, rhythm guitar--Ben Arfa, lead guitar and arranger--Cisse, vocalist who hits the high notes.
    H---Watford Gap

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    • jonas on the drums? he looks like a drummer, but more like a wrestler i reckon!

      u are ignoring 1 fact alan. demba ba has been a shadow of himself whenever cisse plays with him.
      shame they dont work well together.
      it just looks like cisse gets in dembas way all the time.
      so in the end, demba just takes a back stop.

      or maybe his mind is on which club he will join at the end of the season?

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      • Alan Shearer as Tour Manager?

        He certainly isn't in charge of their wardrobe, the man has the worse shirts in football!

        Ba to the Chavs I reckon!

        P.S. H what are the Mgpies feelings about Ashley now? Also I understand one of Newcastles chief scouts, was once ours! he left when Houghton did! who ever he is, he's class.

        Ben Arfa
        were all his signings (recommendations) if I'm not mistaken!