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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 2, 2012 08:17 Flag

    Will 15 more points be enough?

    I'm not so sure. Woolwich have 3 dodgy games IMO - Citeh, Stoke and the Chavs. Citeh and the Chavs both need wins. I can personally still see them getting 15 from their remaining games.
    The Chavs - they still have the distraction of the CL and FA Cup (as we do) and have Woolwich, Pool and the Toon and maybe the Fulham game may cause them some grief. I see them getting at least 12 points.
    Toon - the have Swansea, Citeh, Chavs and Everton that may pose them a problem. And to be honest, although they beat Pool yesterday, I don't think they looked that good. I know they've proved people wrong consistently this season, but I don't see them either being a problem.

    As for Pool - again 'kin' Kenny was a joy at the post match interview. It's odd at this point of the season to not even have to worry about them. Even if they win all their remaining games, they'd only have 63 points.

    US - 3 homes, 4 aways. All potentially winnable. Sunderland looks probably the dodgiest. It looks like the easiest run in of the lot. So that's now put the kiss of death on it.

    As the QPR / Woolwich game showed though, you just can't take results for granted, and there are still 7 games to go. Exciting, sweaty palm times eh?

    It's been a good season so far. Hopefully we'll finish on a high with CL football for next season and a Cup Final appearance.

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    • I thought a couple of week's ago, the Arse/City game would be one where we would of had hope's of the Arse dropping point's, but now it look's as though City will be 8 point's behind Man U by the time they kick off, and mentally the City player's will feel it's over for them, so I can only see Arse winning now...hopefully the Chav's /Arse game will be a draw, but I cant see them dropping anymore than 3 point's, so our result's need to match their's..

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      • It could still be pivotal for third.
        If the Woolwich bunch don't win that game, then maybe the advantage will shift.
        I've tended to go with the 3pts at home and 1pt away as a good recipe. The snag is that Woolwich have a 4 - 3 split and we have a 3 - 4. But they do have both Citeh and the Chavs in their 4, so that could be 4pts dropped (if they draw both, rather than winning).

        So Woolwich what? 2 draws and 2 wins at home? Maybe 7 pts away (2 wins 1 draw?) - 15 points?

        Us - if we win the homes and draw the aways, That's 13 pts. IMHO 15pts would be a minimum to get 3rd, so we'd need to turn two of the aways into wins as well.

        A good place to start would be this weekend!

    • Indeed John,

      Our run in 'seems' more favourable, IMO Liverpool will be struggling to finish in the ropey league positions, Newcastle can still cause an upset, the Chavs need to keep looking over their shoulder.

      I think we can finish 3rd, the Goons have some tough games and RVP looks slightly less deadly than a few months ago. I can see the Goons struggle against Stoke and the Chavs, for some reason, I can see them beating Citeh and handing Manure the title. I feel a cheeky flutter coming on!

      3rd- We Can Do It!


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      • I wonder whether maybe the Scousers have written off the rest of this season. They don't need to worry about finishing in the Ropey League positions as they've already qualified by winning the Carling Cup so IMO I believe they'll do what they can in the remaining games but not go hell-for-leather ... possibly a skewed point of view, but I can't quite grasp otherwise why they've been so horribly inconsistent thus far - is KK having a detrimental effect on them?

        After tonight's win for United at Blackburn, I believe the title is now theirs to lose unless they suddenly come unstuck in the final 7 games. Maybe all the turmoil at Citeh over Tevez has finally had its effect on Mankini's squad, but who knows?