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  • Joe Joe Apr 3, 2012 22:18 Flag

    Lionel Messi

    If he isn't the best football player of all time, who is?

    IMO Pele and Maradona don't come close, sorry.

    I know this has nothing to do with our beloved Spurs, but sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy!

    What a player!


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    • Must be bloody murder trying to mark the little bugger.

    • It's alway's a difficult question as to who is the best of all time...you have to take in account the era player's were in, the way football was played...the state of pitches, compared to now, and many other thing's....In my humble opinion, Messi doesnt come close to the top five or six best player's for several reason's.....While he is undoubtedly the best around at the moment, you also have to look at the team around him, and how they play to cut open defence's, with Messi more often than not being the final piece of the move for goal...The big question is could he do it in a team with a different style? Is it a valid point that he has not really shone for Argentina, especially in the last world cup? or do we put that down to the fact he was still to young?....I dont think we can judge a player's standing in term's of who's the best of all time until the player's career end's, then you can weigh up their true impact....If you look at player's such as Maradona, Zidane, Pele, Zico, Di Stefano, ect ect, they all did it for club and country...My choice for favorite player of all time would have to be Cruyff, but the Greatest? well it's all opinions at the end off the day...I await to be slaughtered..lol....

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      • He (Messi) is undoubtedly a great, great player. My question is, how would he fare in the Premier League? There is a lot of space in La Liga, and a player of his abilities, and of Ronaldo's will always shine. Imagine someone like George Best or Gazza in his best days transplanted into this Barelona team, and I think we might be asking if they are the best ever? Fanciful? Maybe, but I've been lucky enough to see these players with very little protection in a very tough league!

    • yes he is great to watch & a 1 off!

      easily the best player of all time i reckon. no one has done what he has done so regularly!
      & he is only 24!

      sad thing is if he was from england he would have been pushed behind & not picked & developed because of his height & size.