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  • ...well, just finished watching the unlucky Wigan get robbed by the Chavs (I'll give them the winner...Wigan were ball-watching; but that Ivanovic opener was an absolute ref & and assistant travesty...that was the big one...there were a good few others 9obvious deflections off of Chelsea players into touch...Chelsea ball...WHAT! A 50-50 won by the Wigan player (head in before the Chav could get his leg up...Foul to Chelsea...and a yellow card to the Wigan player.

    Now, Chris Foy is public enemy No. 1 in our part of the world, but he was a saint compared to that ref (don't know his name)...We would have lost with him running the game. (Oh and by the way...I would investigate that...anything to do with a Russian oligarch probably has something underhanded about it...just saying!)

    Our game - well, Sunderland had a plan...sit back, invite us to break them down...counter. (The last part didn't happen much and when it did it was only vaguely threatening).

    There were suggestions that the pitch was "doctored" usually happens when you have a passing team coming to town...ball did bounce a fair bit; but, Sunderland are also a passing team and they seemed to suffer as much if not more from that tactic (should it be believed).

    One thing...if Modric does a runner this summer, that Sessegnon fella wouldn't be a bad pick (and you'd have a lot of money left over). Modric's weakness was exposed time and time again when he had to deal with Sessegnon...sometimes it was like he wasn't there.

    So...our team...well..we'll start with 9to get it out of the way)...Sandro - he had a mare of a game, seems like he just couldn't get his feet right; that said, he recovered a lot of his own bobbles and made some telling tackles when it looked like we would be broken...let's hope he bounces back (though i reckon he'll get sat on the bench in favour of Livermore come Monday...which may or may not have been the plan all along!).

    Bale - he was dealt with and made impotent (when you see Bale doing a VdV and coming back into his own half for a touch of the ball, you know somethings not right.

    Speaking of VdV - could have easily won it for us, when the brightly playing sub, Lennon skipped through their defense and put a ball, albeit somewhat between VdV's legs but a through ball nonetheless...Rafa scuffed it! Rafa also made an uncharacteristic number of errant passes (unless he thought we were playing in red and white stripes).

    Kaboul and Gallas are a good pairing as CB's (for the same reason King and Dawson are)...they can communicate!

    Adebayor was a bit quiet as was Saha who came on for him.

    We stroked the ball around for the majority of this match, but made no telling , cutting, piercing passes...we're not going to break a sat back defense down without making cutting passes...we're going to get very few fast break opportunities; that cat's out the bag (Spurs are deadly on the break!). Modric is our playmaker, but he makes more square passes than forward ones in my opinion...is that his teammates ahead of him aren't moving into spaces he could exploit...or is he just not seeing them?

    Fullbacks did their job...BAE's got a hell of a lot of skill in his feet, shame he doesn't put it to better use.

    Chris Foy...he called some for us and he called some against us; also some non-calls that could've gone against us...all in all, I never look to the ref as the game changer either way. We should just get on with it.

    Now that Chavs - Wigan ref...keep him as far away from our team as possible!!

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    • A fair summary of the game, Rambro.

      None of the side did enough for the 3 points at the Stadium of Light.

      1 win in the last 7 games for Spurs.

      Pressure? What pressure?

      On Chelsea, they were very fortunate to win today's match. Wigan were clearly the better side and were unlucky thanks to some dodgy refereeing in Chelsea's favour.

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      • agreed with all really.

        well boring game! a draw was fair. im glad sunderland were so negative because u can create a lot of chances against us when u attack us.

        no wins away this yr is very poor im afraid.

        i really hate this current team selection & system he goes for.
        our biggest goal threat on the bench. our best right midfielder who gives us width on the bench.

        instead we play narrow & allow them to double up on bale without consenquences because they know vdv isnt going to run down the right wing.

        we leave ade isolated on his own against 2 or 3 defenders.
        vdv is behind modric for half the game.

        & we wonder why we arent scoring many lately?!

        i hope against norwich we be more positive & go with

        lennon modric parker bale

        defoe ade

        defoe & ade were linking up so well together & we were creating more chances & winning more.

        defoe has 1 of the best goal returns per min played.
        lennon just adds pace & width. this allows room for the rest of the team.

        come on harry. be brave!

        to make matters worse we seem to get no luck whilst all around us get bucketfulls!

        everton score against gooners-wrongly given offside.
        simpsons handball against liverpool so a pen & red card- not seen.
        chelsea today with the ofside & about 20 other wrong decisions!

    • Forgot one thing

      Happy Easter all and happy Passover to you true Yids! (hope that wasn't politically incorrect - gets confusing, dunnit!)