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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 8, 2012 09:50 Flag

    could of/ or should of?????

    How many more times will Harry say that this season.
    "There is no pressure because the playeers are so laid back!" another quote from him.
    Pressure is mounting!!!
    We will not finish in the top four at the rate we are going.
    Not 1 away win this year! Sounds oh so familiar in the second half of the season for our Spurs.
    If he cannot change his tactics during a game, as it appears he can't, then how can he be considered for England.
    Just my humble thoughts fellow Yiddo's.

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    • i agree kentish. king has been really good all season when he has played. apart from the norwich game, which lets face it, the whole defence was poor & very exposed.
      & as u mentioned the pen he gave away against city.
      but even in that game, he was very good bar that moment.

      motd, motd2,sky sport etc have been raving about him this season & saying what a difference he makes when he plays.

    • agreed its. what annoys me more is id wise we really had a crack at winning these games & fail, rather then play this badly balanced- isolated ade- no width on the right-narrow system & fail!

      home to norwich, surely he can go 4-4-2 with defoe ade upfront,
      lennon on the right,parker modric in the middle & bale on the left if fit.