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  • Austere es Facere.

    That's all we have to do.
    Win 8 games on the bounce, as we managed in the first half of the season, and we'll be FA Cup holders and playing Champions League next year.
    SIMPLE tsk!!

    COYS you believe and you will do it.

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    • a dreadful result...ledley king,however good he may have been has become a liability.i still cant forgive him for the man city debacle.harry seems to lack the ability to see what is obvious to all...his selection of saha was laughable...if we dont get cl football this season its bye bye to modric and bale...and then god help us.its hard to be optomistic!!!!

    • Spurs may still get 3rd spot IMO. Especially if Arsenal start believing the season is over.

      I'd rather see Spurs in the CL than Chelsea that is for sure though if Newcastle managed to grab a place i don't think anyone would begrudge them (Sunderland fans excepted perhaps).

    • Our nerve has gone! Newcastle are finding their nerve. The way we are playing at the moment, compared with the way Arsenal and Newcastle are playing doesn't fill me with confidence. I thought there was a glimmer against Swansea, that we were on our way back, and we took the Canaries apart at Carrow Road, back when we were good! Yes, I was one of those, SB, who thought we had a chance of winning the PL...that's what being a Spurs fan is about for me, hope and belief until hope has gone, which it has since the mauling at The Emirates. Don't understand the clamour for Sandro though. He may win the ball, but he gives it straight back, and gives too many fouls away, IMO. Have you seen how well Pienaar is doing since we loaned him back? And Everton? Everyone seems to be having a late surge, except THFC, who are doing the opposite. This is on paper, the 'easiest' run-in we've had for years and we're making a dog's dinner of it. I don't believe there is such a thing as an easy run-in when we play like this. Sigh. All part and parcel though. And, hey! We're STILL in fourth after holding on to third for so long...and we're at Wembley(!) on Sunday! Anyone going? If so have a great day! If we win I doubt we'll see any of these gooner gloaters on here for a while. COYS!!! FTA!!!

    • well you and newcastle def deserve CL next year. chelsea dont deserve getting forth spot in my opinion. and out of the london clubs this season, spurs and arsenal have played the best football. prob is for you lot is newcastle, your need to win every game now to get 4th. 3rd spot is def out . newcastle will want 4th spot just as bad,. it just what team holds its nerves for the next 5 games. and i guess i would rather see 2 london clubs in the CL. and not chelsea as they dont deserve it this year.

    • i have a dreadful sinking feeling that we are going to end up with nothing.....no FA cup final or champions league place.....

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      • I agree with you Derek! I have the same feeling about our chances after todays performance. Harry again messed up with our formation and selections.
        I cannot fathom what's been going on in his head of late, ever since his trial and the England fiasco he's looked more than clueless during games too.
        Same gormless expression throughout.

        For the life of me I cannot understand why play Saha ahead of Ade and Livermore instead of Sandro?
        We are in a 3 way fight for a CL place, this is no time to try new things!
        4-4-2 yet again!!! when 4-5-1 has been our much praised style the first 25 games.
        He completely underestimated Norwich and they outfought us in every department.
        Our defence was a shambles from the start and our midfield struggled to gain a foothold of the game.
        Our players looked to be going through the motions with no real fight about them. It seems they expected Norwich to score our goals for us!
        I just see frustration building up throughout our players and Redknapp just seems to brush it off with crappy comments to the effect that we are under no pressure, simply unlucky and that there's no crisis!

        No pressure! in 8 games we've gone from EPL outsiders to CL qualification outsiders!
        Chelsea and Newcastle now have the momentum, and could very well finish 4th & 5th between them. It's actually the most likely scenario now.
        I dont fancy our chances in the cup semi either...
        I may be sounding very pessimistic... but i feel it's all justified considering the way we're playing and our lack of team spirit.. Our players look devoid of any creativity and cohesion.
        It is now offcially a crisis!

        Norwich deserved the win today. Harry needs a good think. The players a kick up the backside.

    • GUTTED.
      This was one we all thougth was in the bag and as mentioned,we probably entered too confident.
      We need to get back to basics, with Lennon and Bale staying predominatly wide and cutting in when crosses are unavailable.
      Definately missed Parker in the middle today and thoght,King and Walker had poor games.though Nelson looked ok coming on for Kaboul.
      Good take from Defoe(as usual)and like SB,think Harry needs to start him up front with Ade as our goal scoring is becoming sparce.
      Sadly we've made the run in for CL even harder.
      The Arse,Chavs and Newcastle must all be having a second CHRISTMAS and unless we really start battling, then this season could all be a waste of tme.
      Now this DEFINATELY Sqeaky Bum time.

    • Well layla, not 1, not 2, but 3 clear penalties NOT given against you at home, in one match, and you still lost. I bet 'arry wants his money back

    • I'm afraid that this whole England thing has derailed our season completely...

      Flipping Harry and his arrogant crap!

      England can have him! But if we can't beat a team like (no offence) Norwich at home, then we don't deserve CL...

    • Argh, this is painful! They're not bleeding daring or doing! COYS - sort it out!

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      • norwich wanted it more simple as. our players didnt fight & our manager messed up with the team selection & tactics as per usually lately.

        why drop ade our top scorer for saha who was awful!

        with parker out, why play livermore instead of sandro?!
        livermore isnt ready to be the main ball winner & presser in the middle of the park. sandro is much better at that job.

        they overrun as in the middle & there was no 1 pressing them.
        our defence (who were shocking), were left over exposed time & time again because livermore isnt up to the job.
        we missed parker so much. sandro had to play.

        harry & the players took norwich lightly & got punished for it.

        hate to say i told u say. we were nothing going to get close to winning the league. still cant believe some of u think this team & manager are good enough to win the prem.

        i said all along id take 4th, i bet u all would now!
        the way we are playing & the manager is managing we will be lucky to get 5th!

        again the problem is the manager, the players got cocky & started thinking that we were good enough to win the title.
        so we take teams like norwich lightly.

        some of our fans even bought into it too.

        the managing staff & players need a reality check & realise they arent as good as they think they are.