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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 9, 2012 16:35 Flag

    8 games to win!!!!

    Argh, this is painful! They're not bleeding daring or doing! COYS - sort it out!

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    • norwich wanted it more simple as. our players didnt fight & our manager messed up with the team selection & tactics as per usually lately.

      why drop ade our top scorer for saha who was awful!

      with parker out, why play livermore instead of sandro?!
      livermore isnt ready to be the main ball winner & presser in the middle of the park. sandro is much better at that job.

      they overrun as in the middle & there was no 1 pressing them.
      our defence (who were shocking), were left over exposed time & time again because livermore isnt up to the job.
      we missed parker so much. sandro had to play.

      harry & the players took norwich lightly & got punished for it.

      hate to say i told u say. we were nothing going to get close to winning the league. still cant believe some of u think this team & manager are good enough to win the prem.

      i said all along id take 4th, i bet u all would now!
      the way we are playing & the manager is managing we will be lucky to get 5th!

      again the problem is the manager, the players got cocky & started thinking that we were good enough to win the title.
      so we take teams like norwich lightly.

      some of our fans even bought into it too.

      the managing staff & players need a reality check & realise they arent as good as they think they are.