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    April 13th -- St Rectum Day

    According to Phil Harmworth's calculations, St Rectum Day (the day that the pride of north London, mighty Gunners, are unable to catch Sp*%& in the PL) will fall on April 13th.

    "Ar$e are at home to Wigan that day but even a win will not be enough. Oh what a joyous day that will be."

    Wait a minute, Phil. It's all a load of baloney isn't it Sfer.

    How can anyone take you serious when you don't even know your St Totteringham Day celebration?

    "A few glorious weeks of pi$$ taking, Ar$e fans at each others throats calling for Whingers head, Van Persie putting in a written transfer request and finally, Whinger being sacked only to be replaced by Juan Ramos...Perfect!!"

    Dream on, Sfer!

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    • OK! We've had our fill of humble pie, our hats have been eaten too. Sackcloth and ashes have been falling off the shelves at the Spurs shop and we're all embarrassed. ENOUGH!!! Still rather be a Spud than a goon always! Still the cup and fourth to fight for, so Come On You Spurs!!!

    • chomp, chomp, chomp....yep that is me eating my words!

      It was a dream and I am happy to admit I was over optimistic. We hit the buffers for reasons which nobody has been able to fully explain and Ar$e hit a bit of form and a lot of luck (I appreciate you won't agree with that but most neutrals would).

      Anyway, it was a nice dream at the time, and unlike you, I am happy to admit I got it wrong and I don't hide who I am.

      Depending on what happens with Arry and who replaces him if Whinger (AKA the tight fisted Mr Burns look alike) spends any money - it might take a bit longer than anticipated but the tide is turning and the gap has closed. You know it and you don't like it. Next year, the year after....it will happen.