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    Time was....

    ...when your team had an FA Cup semi-final coming up, and I've been a Spurs supporter long enough to know this is true, there was a real buzz about the club and its fans, everyone would be excited at the prospect of another final, we'd all be bursting with anticipation, and the bread and butter of league football would be forgotten until after the event!
    It's a different story now though. Hardly rates a mention, even among the fans. Perhaps it's because we've achieved Wembley just by getting to the semis,when in the old days you would have had to play at Hillsborough or Villa Park first, which was a day out in itself. Or maybe it's the prospect of having the great teams of Europe coming to WHL, Real, Barca, the Milans (done that!) or Bayern to test ourselves against to see how far we've come. I don't know. Football's moved on without me I'm afraid. When only one team, the League Champions, got into the European Cup, the prize of a place in the Cup-Winner's Cup was a big bonus, but sadly the only prize now is the Europa League, which to some fans is just a nuisance to get in the way of striving for the Champion's League places...so that could be another reason. Is the day coming when only league points matter, and the ultimate goal is to play a few group games across the Channel? A lot of top clubs now just see our domestic competitions as vehicles to field fringe and youth players, and, I suspect would rather not bother at all. I mean, if we won the cup most Mancs and pop-gun fans would say they didn't want it anyway.

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    • ok you got beat bad today. 5-1 so revenge would be to get fourth spot. win all your games and your there, the chavs will be heart broken.

    • Thought I'd replied to this twice before, but apparently not.

      The short version is don't be ridiculous, in 20 years you won't remember where we finished in the league, but we'll still be counting years between cups (good or bad).

      And I know I speak the truth as I'm feeling too sick with nerves to eat my dinner right now... COYS!

    • Spurs 2 Chelsea 1

    • I'm with HRJ on this too.
      Call me an old romantic (although am still only in my 30's), but 4th, 3rd or even 2nd in the league could never compare to actually winning a trophy.
      For me, 15th in the league and winning either of the cups is a very successfull season. Whereas 2nd in the league and no cup is nothing to boast about.
      Yes a high league position shows a teams strength and depth, but unless you're the best, it counts for nothing.
      Sure it's nice to play in Europes top club competition, but unless you win it, it ends up being a nice little adventure... That's all!

      The only winners are the shareholders who pocket the cash, the ad men, TV execs and the players with ever spiraling salaries bordering on the insane (actually, scrap "bordering"... it is way beyond insane as it is!)

      You can't put 2nd-4th or even an appearance in the CL in your trophy cabinet or in a clubs roll of honour. It's not even a cherished memory years down the line either.

      What is sad in my eyes, is that these days fans have been brainwashed into the money side of the game.
      Countless times I hear fans boasting about how much their players get paid when compared to other clubs. We never used to know what players got paid, now it's public knowledge. Same goes for fans who would rather see their team get 4th than win the Cup.
      Even now it saddens me deeply when I hear so called fans ridiculing the F.A. Cup and view it as simply a distraction to getting 4th. But then again, if even the clubs managers see it that way, it's hardly surprising, is it?

      We've allowed football to become so insular in it's perceived successes that you inevitably get left with less chance of success.
      It's no wonder that an increasing number of clubs are falling on hard times and on the verge of administration.

      In the last 20 years (aka since SKY) ... We've seen the money men strip European football from 3 much loved and revered competitions to 2... One is much maligned and again seen as a distraction, whilst the other deemed to be the Holy Grail and simply the only thing that's actually worth winning.
      How long before they are done with the Europa League and scrap it too?

      And it's happening again domestically with our league and 2 cup comptetitions.

      It is indeed a shame that future generations will never experience the thrill and glory of all mentioned competitions.
      There's so much more to football than qualifying for the CL.

      But as some of you have said... The game has changed, and thus priorities have changed. I can understand the clubs wanting the money, but they are nothing without the fans. The crazy thing to me is that the fans seem to want the money more than the trophies too!
      That's when I truly understand that the heart has been ripped out of football.


    • Silverware is nice. But money buys players and winning the FA Cup pays less than 3 places in the EPL, let alone getting a run in the CL. So you win the cup and get £2m, but you get top 4+ in the EPL and get £13m+ - which in turn gets you CL football, which earns £20m+ the next season - you can see why the Cups are less and less important to the clubs.
      What does £2m buy?

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      • All very sound and practical, John. But as a kid, I loved the FA Cup, and it was football I loved, not the financial side of things. I'm old, reactionary, and like to harp on about the past. Youngsters nowadays, and of future generations would call it sad, but to my mind, it is they who are missing out. Like many of my contempories, I would follow the progress of the FA cup from the qualifiers, to the first, second and third round propers, just to see the amateurs and non-leaguers get through with the chance of drawing the mighty Leeds or Manchester United sides and playing against Dennis Law, George Best, Bobby Charlton, they all played in those days no matter who the oppostion was! You'd have World Cup winners playing at grounds like Sutton or Skelmersdale. Wouldn't happen now of course. Do well enough to get to the third round, get a draw against a Premier side, and you would be playing their reserves and youth, so I feel they and their supporters, (the nitty-gritty of the football world) have also been cheated! Once it goes, it will never come back, and the greatest club football knock-out will be lost to the generations to come. We might as well watch monopoly competitions.