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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Apr 15, 2012 02:33 Flag

    Not a good look...

    When a team you just lost at home to gets spanked at their own ground 1-6...WTF is going on Spurs??
    Is it really the distractions surrounding Harry and the England job...or the teams that are tapping up our best players as the season comes to an end (I know, just paper talk right now).
    Ledders says there's no crisis, but then says that the more experienced players have to set an example to the younger ones about staying focused (sounds like a bit of a crisis to me). There we were humming along nicely in 3rd, within in reaching distance of the top two...and then POW! No crisis my arse...I've pretty much switched off for this season...just can't take the rollercoaster ride, yet again. I wasn't looking at winning the title...but maybe our team should've been told in no uncertain terms that they were in with a shot...not the "yes we can" one week and then "no, we're still a few players away from that" the next! Its no wonder the young uns lose focus.
    I'm ranting i know...and ahead of an FA Cup semi-final...I should be happy about that, no...well I'm not. fucking Man City trounced the fuck out of Norwich today (yesterday)...and that's put me in a bad mood...that's got me back to thinking the way I thought a few seasons back...that all teams think that if there's one big scalp they can get...it's ours...and I don't like that feeling. Let's see what happens when we visit Rangers!

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    • totally agree rambro!
      iv had arguments with others on here about this.
      i dont like how u can 1min say we can win the title and then a few week laters say 3rd is going to be difficult & its 4 we are after now.

      the younger players will think its ok to go from title challengers to 5th or 6th because u can just change your targets willy nilly.
      so then theres no really problem with going from title challengers to say 5th because thats a fair target.

      & if u commit to saying we are title challengers than surely there has to be some consequence when u end up praying for 4th!

      either saying we are title challengers is beyond unrealistic OR the players & or manager have let us down because this team is good enough for the title.

      harry has said we could win the title, but we have failed miserably so surely he has done an awful job in his eyes if he thinks these players could have won the title? or he feels the players have let him down?

      but no ,no one says that. we just then downgrade our target every few weeks.

      & the same goes for the players who said it. & some of our fans like on this board.

      if u do think we could have won the title then u must be very disapointed with the players and manager because they have fallen well short.

      but some on here want it both ways.

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      • We are very disappointed, well I am. We were in with a chance mid-season, and you don't give up hope until it has all gone. We are probably feeling the disappointment more than you (SB) and the other realists, because you said all along that you would take fourth place. Nevertheless, the stuff we were playing, the bits of luck we were getting, and the few results we got that we didn't really deserve, turned my head a bit, I must admit. It did have all the ingredients of a very special season. No one could have predicted a collapse of this magnitude, especially after H was found to be innocent of all charges against him, I thought it would be full steam ahead...no more distractions, his heart op a success what could stand in his way? The opposite has happened, I'm afraid and I can't put my finger on why. Who do you blame? The players? Partly. The manager? Partly. Or was it that we weren't that good really and were in a false position. Not what the pundits thought though, at the time, or some of the other top managers. I would be relieved for us to get fourth now, rather than happy, because I wanted more and actually believed that we could get it! Fourth and the FA Cup would be a good haul though! COYS!!!