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    No Standards Any More

    There was a time when after a travesty of refereeing such as we saw at Wembley today when the victorious manager might have come forward to say something like this: 'We are very happy to win and we are very happy to be in the FA cup final. But I want to say that I wish we had won it more fairly. That second goal, which was a psychological blow to our opponents, clearly was not a goal and I wish to apologise to our opponents. If there is anything good to come out of this it is that the ostriches who run football should pull their well-fed necks out of the sand and immediately institute goal-line technology to avoid such unfortunate incidents in the future'. But what did De Matteo actually say about this incident? Nothing. Nada! That's where English football is now. Win by whatever means because the oligarchs and billionaires who own us demand nothing less, by whatever means are at hand. A sad day.

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    • From what i witnessed Spurs actually began playing a lot better immediately after the 2nd goal. Chelsea put Spurs to the sword and i cannot remember in all my years a more one sided, high scoring F.A cup semi final.

      It doesn't matter about who said what after the game. There were another four goals, another three from Chelsea after the contentious 2nd.

      Arsenal hit you with five and now so have Chelsea.

      That's gotta hurt!

      I'm not having a dig. I haven't plagued your board since the down turn in the clubs fortunes either. I am just stating the obvious with regards to where Spurs are today.

      'Arry needs to sort out his future and let it be known for the sake of the club. Spurs started extremely well. Spurs are so far finishing extremely poorly.
      It all stems for 'Arry and his link to the England post. No matter what smokescreen he has tried to pull in recent weeks.

      That said, it's not over yet, as last nights Arsenal result proves.

      I did state Arsenal may yet finish in 6th remember.

      I do hope not though.

      Much love Yidsters!

    • & highrdjohn, how long have we been saying we needed new younger CBs? 2,3 years.

      maybe he will go & buy another average unheard of south african CB to fill the void.

    • There was a time when poor decisions by refs were viewed as nothing more than mistakes and not as an excuse for a poor performance. So perhaps it would have been nice if Redknapp had come out and said" it was a poor decision by the ref but we can`t use that as an excuse for the way we played. In the last 60 minutes of the game we completely lost our shape and left huge gaps in midfield and at the back which chelsea clinically exploited. Unfortunately the substitution of van der Vaart for Defoe didn`t turn out the way I hoped and looking back it was probably a mistake, with more than 15 minutes left of the game, to make a change which resulted in giving chelsea even more room in midfield. Hopefully we can all move on and learn from this experience."

    • How's your season going ed?

      I noticed your daily activities have dwindled /ceased on the Arsenal site, any reason why, ed?