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    Tottenhams transfer policy. Good or bad??

    is there an option?.......it has always seemed to be to buy young and hope to make a profit later (exceptions of course like VDV) or bring in older experienced players for free or on loan. We have to change that mindset or we will always be in the position of being the bridesmaid! We must start buying proven international players (preferably English but they get priced out)in their early to mid 20's to take this club to the next level on a regular basis. Which means we have to up our wage structure!
    To do this we have to have the new stadium!!!!
    I don't know what the delay is with starting on the new ground. I thought the planning had all passed so maybe it's financial?
    Perhaps to help with financing it the club could start selling season tickets in advance in accordance with the areas that will be completed first (see the new ground plans on the official website).
    Yet again this season we have umpteen injuries to important players, expecially at CB, that are costing us dearly.
    People, including myself, have commented that Levy will not want to buy until he knows what's happening with his manager. I'm pretty sure he has enough business nous to have already got a replacement in mind, maybe already in position, and is waiting to hear what the FA are going to do. He may already have an inkling on that and has the new manager signed up. In which case he will only be buying players for that manager.

    SO summing up IMHO we could have another couple of seasons similar to our last 2/3 as we are in limbo until the increased revenue from the new stadium is incoming.an if only for the ride, BIG roller coaster at that.
    Here's to more of the same, cheers all you yiddos.
    It is great to be a SPurs f

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    • Spurs have asked Pardew to take over from Harry, but don't panic. He told your guys to piss off, he wants to stay at a big club.
      H---Watford Gap

    • thats the last we will see of the magpie. the lion will roar past us too. still 6th is what we deserve this year for this awful 2nd half of the season. the players and harry should be ashamed of their effort & performance.
      but more likely they will be counting their millions & telling each other how we are good enough to win the lague next year.
      cringing stuff!

    • See who Pardew's got his eyes on, the guy from Swansea. That's where financial shrewdness and vision kicks in.
      H---Watforg Gap

    • Do you think the " 'Arry for England " bandwagon started rolling much earlier than we thought (even if not widely publicised)? Capello made it clear he wasn't going to continue after his contract ran out, way before he resigned so the FA would naturally, if quietly, have started looking then. Even before 'Arry's court case he was being talked up as Capello's successor and only a guilty verdict would have put the kybosh on all the talk.

      OK, it may be pie-in-the-sky thinking but if true it might go some way to explaining our transfer "strategy" in the past couple of years. If he knew 'Arry planned to go regardless would Levy, being the astute money man we know him to be, spend loads of dosh on players and run the risk of the new manager not wanting/liking them? Maybe that's why we've brought in players like Ade, Parker, Saha and Nelsen - all with a limited shelf life but effective nonetheless. Even vdV was picked up on the cheap and has proved a goldmine despite the difficulties of playing him in the team sometimes, but would any of us have been without him these past 2 seasons? I wouldn't.

      I'd go along with the stadium business having been a stumbling block as well, but now that planning permission has been granted I hope that once the financing of it is in place (including the naming rights which will be a massive cash injection) we'll start to see an upturn in our transfer dealings.

      Just a thought mind, but these days you never can tell ...

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      • KM,

        From what I remember, even whilst Capello was still being touted as Mclaren's replacement, Harry was being talked up for the position as the only viable English option (which was hugely important to some).

        He has been linked with the position heavily throughout Capello reign, I remember, seeing/hearing him interviewed on numerous occasions, when the interviewer would open by suggesting Harry should be the manager already. It is entirely possible that Levy and the board have known/suspected Harry would leave them and therefore 'big' money investment was deemed to unjustifiable.

        Because none of us really have any idea, any reasonable suggestion has merit IMO.

        I'm of the opinion that if we sign the right calibre of players then, whoever we appoint to manage them will/should be happy to manage them. Whoever replaces Harry will have to invest in certain areas, IMO CB and CF, so if we strengthen with quality we are pre-empting what most managers are likely to do.

        I know that doesn't account for style of football or personality clashes, butt hats where professionalism comes into play, you don't have to like all your colleagues, but it helps.


    • I partially agree,

      get comfy, I may take a while.

      In theory our transfer policy should be simple, your 1 to 3 list should ensure a workable transfer policy is in place and in theory could be universal for all recruitment.

      The lack of transparency does make it difficult to know who is at fault or why our short falling's in transfer market seem to re-occur, it seems both Harry and Levy are involved with this, as you pointed out Gallas was one of Harry's signings and initially he was an inspired choice IMO, I believe that Harry was also responsible for signing Walker and Naughton.

      I've heard 'Arry say:

      'Daniel called me up, at 7.30pm on transfer deadline day and asked me 'what do you think of rafa van der vaart? we can get him', £8mil later Levy signs VDV. Rafa has also been described as Levy's gift to Harry, although I agree incorporating him and Luka looks an impossible task at times, so maybe he's Levys headache for Harry? VDV plays as a CM next to De Jong for Holland, so maybe switching him and Luka would be worth a go? At times VDV looks like the problem, but IMO VDV was our best player against the chavs.

      Personally, I rate VDV very highly, but I have questions over his ability to play 90mins or to be disciplined enough to help win the ball, both vital as a CM, Luka seems do both of those well (most of the time) and although his assist/goal record is less than impressive, he is quite often key to the build up play.

      So it appears Harry and levy are both responsible for our transfer dealings since HC's departure, both men are savvy enough and have enough game knowledge to identify our staffing needs (they could ask virtually any Spurs fan if they needed clarification), yet consistently we fail to strengthen in the necessary areas or worse we allow players to leave on loan, leaving us incredibly vulnerable.

      I find the loan policy more fallible and frustrating, particularly with regards to the defence, one or both H and Dan allowed us to have only one recognised RB and allowed us to rely on old or injury prone players (King, Gallas) when Corluka, Naughton, Bassong, Caulker could/should have been available, if they are deemed to be below par, then signing a CB should have been paramount.

      At times they both (H&D) display superb ability to identify, sign and get the most out of players (Harry more than Dan, I'm guessing), but they also make repeat mistakes or display poor judgement, which IMO are part of the reason why we consistently falter at this stage.

      Apportioning blame for a lack of/ poor transfer policy may be difficult due to a lack of transparency, but many of us (neutrals alike) feel it is one of the major contributing factors towards our recent and consistent (second half of the season syndrome) slump, If they (H, Dan) are responsible for this, then a bit more open honesty from both would be appreciated and would certainly allow us to be more realistic with our expectations and thus we (I) would feel less like pulling my face off, through frustration.

      COYS- CL....We can do it!

    • I would imagine money's being put aside for the new stadium, and not leaving a lot for big transfers..Could be the reason It's taking so long to get under way, is that Levy is trying to put aside club money so we have less to borrow from the banks, and we also have to take in account the FFP, so I doubt we can afford to spend 30 to 50 million on player's, and meet the guidelines, hence why we're getting cheap or free experienced players to try and keep us where we are at the moment...As fan's obviously we can see we are very close to the top team's, and if we had bought in top quality striker's and CBs over the last two season's, then I think top 4 would of been certain....If the above is the case, then we have to accept that we're not going to get to the next level for another 3-4 season's yet, and still have to hope we can find uncovered gem's to keep us in top 6 to 4..

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      • Personally, I think that is why the CL is so important and has been for the past couple of seasons. As if you can break the mould of the top 4 and establish yourself, then the money from that alone can fund a fair proportion of the annual transfer budget. I don't think Levy et al are there for the prestige per se, as the fans are, I would guess that to them it's an economic necessity.
        Look at the Woolwich bunch, they didn't curtail their spending in the transfer market entirely out of their own volition - their new stadium forced that situation - for what, 5 years? - and that was lergely with CL football. Luckily, Wenger has the ability to bring through young talent and managed to keep them in contention.

    • LTS,
      I can't work it out. I would guess by the purchasing over the past 3 or 4 years that the money hasn't been there for big purchases. It would also seem that the 'buy to sell' policy stopped with Holy Commolli.

      Maybe one of the attraction of 'arry to Levy was in 'arry's ability to spot cheap players and either revive their careers or turn them into substantial players. Who knows? The only snagette IMHO opinion there is that 'arry has never had to mount a season-on-season campaign for the top four before. That makes it a slightly different ballgame - and either you go the Woolwich route or the buy in route. I would have said that Utd in the past brought through one or two of their own so had a half and half. We seem to be neither one nor the other at the moment.
      And again you have to bear in mind what calibre of player has been available to us up to the past couple of seasons. If we do get CL this year, then you can see that we can attract 'better' players, but personally I still don't see Levy being happy spending £30m on a striker or £20m on a centre back without offloading more players. I've lost track of who we have out on loan. They're all now a year older, with less sell on value.

      I'm not into this over hyping of players anyway. Even Modric / Bale have been blown up out of all proportion. OK, they're both good players, but in the grand scheme of things what do they actually achieve? Bale maybe gets a dozen goals - but is that now at the detriment of the strikers scoring? And Modric may be able to string passes around, but how many assists does he make and how many goals? It's an odd stat that Ade has the most assist so far with 11 - Modric 4. I only mention those two, as I guess that they will be the subject of the speculation in the summer and the highest valued players we have. So if the policy is sell-to-buy in the pre-season, then whoever is manager will be under pressure to sell one of those two (again) and maybe if the amount offered is ludicrously high, then who knows. Any club is a selling club if the price is right.

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      • All players have their price as do all clubs,

        I agree that Luka and Bale are slightly over-hyped, they would still walk into most top European sides, they are both very good players. I'm expecting us to lose one of them (the smaller and less theatrical one) this summer.

        We cannot compete financially with the the top 4/5 teams as things are and until we have a stadium and regular CL football that won't change (unless we get a deep pocketed sugar daddy, which would make me feel slightly dirty), so we will continue to lose the Luka's and Bale's and we have to hope that the money is reinvested wisely, IMO it hasn't been in the last 12 months.

        We have attempted to sign £25-30 mil players, only last summer we left it to the last day and bid for 4-5 foreign strikers, so seems there has been money available, we just haven't spent it, why?

        I'm getting less convinced by the argument that we didn't invest in Jan due to Harry future being uncertain, by Harry's logic of 'the players don't care who the manager is'- yes he said that! Then equally, whoever we appoint needs to accept what he has to work with what we have. If we had the budget and the opportunity in Jan to improve the squad, why didn't we? If we sign a top striker, then why wouldn't a new manager want to use them? We will only have Defoe, Saha and VDV by then!


        We have a fair few players out on loan, off the top of my head:

        Kholomo (sp)

        I understand the reasoning behind agreeing these loan deals, these players are not first team regulars and in some cases need match time to develop, but I feel this is one of the areas where Harry/Levy have messed up. Our lack of rotation and utilising these players earlier in the season also is far from impressive, when we did need these players they had so little football they were always going to struggle.

        Currently we have 1 recognised right-back in our squad: Walker, Kaboul can play there, but he's been featuring regularly as a CB as King and Gallas cannot play every week and Dawson has been a huge miss with injury, so expecting Kaboul to be avaliable as RB cover was unrealistic. The decision to allow Corluka, Caulker and Naughton to go out on loan, seemingly with no recall clause is just bad management IMO.

        In the last 2-3 years most Spurs fans (and neutrals) have identified our inconsistent CB pairing and our defence generally as being vulnerable, our management have allowed the depth to be come significantly shallower. Is Nelson any better than Corluka, not IMO! we play Rose out of position as a LB, when Naughton is a recognised LB/RB and Caulker would have had the opportunity to play alongside and learn from King and Gallas, again he represents the future for us and we choose Nelson, who lets be frank has no future past this season!

        So, to try and sum up how I feel, other than frustrated as hell.

        I think in the last 12 months our transfer policy has been bad, we can all identify the areas that needed to be strengthened and Harry/Levy failed to do that.

        Generally its been ok, we will make a tidy profit when Luka and Bale leave and due to our current financial restrictions that's partially what out transfer policy needs to support.

        Over all COYS- we MUST beat QPR!