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  • sledge sledge Apr 21, 2012 19:34 Flag

    Redknapp & Spurs at QPR!

    No passion, no drive, no inspiration, not daring, not doing, NO BL00DY CLUE!!!

    Lucky we had a great first half to the season... this is worse than relegation materi\al the way we're playing these days.

    But i'm not worried.... apparently there's "no crisis!"

    ps: What do Harry and his staff do with the lads on the training ground?
    I've never seen a team so devoid of ideas when it comes to set pieces.... Dreadful indeed!!!

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    • il go moyes. rogers would be a good bet too.
      but the way i see everton fight & work so hard makes me very jealous. our players bar parker & walker, lack any fight & heart.
      also moyes is more proven.

    • you can still make 4th but your need to win the last 4 games . a loss next week and i reckon its over.

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      • Yeah! But i keep hearing this each week.... just need to win the last 8 games, 7 games, 6,5,4,3,2,1... oh cr@ap ... season's over!

        The players have no fight or belief in them anymore! A huge failing for our coaching staff I reckon.

        Our biggest problem is we're short on cover in the usual overly-mentioned positions that neither Levy nor Redknapp will commit to addressing. The long season was bound to take its toll on our first team. And fringe players barely getting any match time meaning they're not up to the job.

        This is where you need a progressive coach with experience of the high end of the table.