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  • Don't rteally expect to start a link to chat to like minded spurs supporters, just want to rant about how our season has collapsed and it looks like we'll end up with nothing to show for the teams hard work.
    We have played well consistently without scoring as much as we should, going on chances created. We have good strikers but not a world class goal scoring machine. This has been obvious to see compared to Man U, City, Arsenal etc. The squad has chipped in with goals spread around but not enough.
    You could say not having a consistant centre back pairing has helped other teams as the 2 there haven't 'gelled'. I seem to remember that on the great run we had before Xmas we didn't have the same pair in front of Friedel for more than 3 games and that wasn't a problem.
    Pherhaps we should take 'Arry at his word when he says he'd have taken this position at the start of the year, he realised that we have maybe 6 or 7 good/great players and the rest are all 'make weights'. If 1 or 2 of these players don't play well we have half a team on the field trying to win. Maybe we have too many players in the squad that are British in type. That is to say that they will try until they sweat blood, but technically they aren't that gifted/skillful.
    Whatever the problem we have once again failed to deliver on what was potentially offered. I should be used to that as a Spurs supporter, but something is different this season.Is it because we came close to finishing above the Arse or have i had my expectations raised over the last 3 1/2 years and i'm being greedy.
    Whatever the case i'm really feeling the bite keenly at the moment, and i will be keeping well clear of my mates who support Arse, Chavs and Newcasle over the next few weeks. As the banter comes in my direction i don't really know what the reason/excuses will be because i have no idea what has happened to my beloved Spurs. Except 'arry has put together another squad that bottles it.Same old spurs.....

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