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  • timity timity Apr 22, 2012 01:17 Flag

    Disharmony ?

    We have got to stop the following type of rants and pull together and support the team, no matter what the result is. Otherwise the team are going to take on board the disharmony

    Maybe for the next home game we should get a Harry for England banner made up? That on at least won't be made in haste and repented at leisure, and I would be more than happy to chip in!

    ****ing disgraceful - no other words to describe it.

    Let Sir Les and Sherwood have the last 4 games - they cant do any worse and I just want that vermin Redknapp out of our club ASAP - I hold him soley responsible.

    Why the **** were Corluka and Pienaar allowed to go in Jan - it was pure suicide. We are left with such a thin knackered and aging squad.

    I dont care about holding onto our world class' players - if they want to go, let them - Modric is top of that list. I just want players who have fight, heart and determination to play for this great club. Get Rodgers or Martinez in with some cash to spend and breathe new life into our team.

    Harry - get out NOW

    Its never going to happen unless we protest severely....

    Gallas.... Gotta go, legs are finished.
    King the same.
    Parker is solid but too old and slow.
    Sandro needs to improve.
    Modric is a passenger who don't really score, tackle or assist. Plays good passes occasionally throughout the season.
    Van Der Vaart is shocking. I'm sorry.... He's legs av gone also.
    Adebayor is also average and carries minimal goal scoring threat, and doesn't even have the physical side to his game with poor balance and first touch.
    Defoe can only play 442....
    All need replacing if we are going to improve.

    PS. Nielsen and Saha were signings reflective of a side battling relegation and Pieenar is class.

    The best side we have beat is Liverpool at home. We think we are better than we are.

    Harry your P45 is in the post don't bother turning up tomorrow.

    well im heading to the gun range later. hopefully they have an 'arry target

    Disgraceful. Shameful. Spurs - making sh*te clubs look great since Jan 2012! Fire Sale! Large inventory - Plenty to choose from! Many antiques!

    Redknapp couldn't run a bath, lettleone a ****ing club!


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    • well said timity,,,,,,,harry wont even distance himself from the england job ,,,,,grow a set of balls harry and put and lets us get our super spurs back to were they belong,,,,,,,,,,thanks for FA harry know take yourself by the hand and fook of to the england job

    • Timity-

      Surely you can understand why some people may hold these views?

      We have be awful and yesterday we got what we deserved, again........nothing!

      I think the free-kick was given in error, but we did nothing to help ourselves and right now I agree with more of those comments than I disagree with.