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  • john john Apr 22, 2012 15:19 Flag

    United v Everton

    Just a crumb of comfort..The 4-4 result could be very important to us, as it will mean City will still be in with a great chance ( if they beat Wolve's ) of the title, which in turn mean's they will want to beat Newcastle which we are going to need to happen..Off course, wont matter a jot if we dont win our own game's, but it's another point Harry can use to try and gee up the player's

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    • Rem, all good points...especially the one about us winning our games!

      I took something else from watching that match and the final result...I took, that here's a team with not too much on for itself...maybe an outside chance at the Ropey League, but nothing more (haven't looked at the table to see how far off they are, so I might be giving them a little credit for putting up the fight they did against a team we always fold against).

      Yup, that's what I got out of it; the difference between a team that has pride and a team that's so mentally fcuked that it should probably be committed to a nut-house (harsh? well, yes, that was harsh, but that's the way I feel right now). FFS Wigan's beaten Man U this season...ok, ok, I'll stop my sobbing (to paraphrase the lyrics to a great song).

      Hopefully the recent results will jolt us out of our doldrums and get us back to winning (Jeez, the team above us continually tries to give us a shot at getting third back by have lacklustre results themselves and all we do is go one worse!).