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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Apr 23, 2012 10:32 Flag

    Thanks a lot arry

    I am really getting fed up of arty why didn't he come out
    And say yes I want the england job or no I love
    Tottenham and that's where I want to be .

    All the speculation has killed our season any other top manager with a record like we have would be getting the sack very soon.

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    • I find it hard to say, but without Arteta, we lack maturity in midfield, which could cost us in the last two games.

      Norwich should be easy pickings, but Holty is a decent player who will fight for his team until the last. At home though, we should come through it 2 or 3-1

      Away against the Baggies, when they have nothing to play for other than a sending off for Roy. Not so easy to say. It may even depend on yours and Newcastles results. Wenger may just send any old team out if we have third sewn up.

      I'm chuffed for Roy. What Liverpool did to him was rough. He's got a largely underfunded Baggies, to within two places of where 'King Kenny' has gotten Liverpool in the league, with a multi million pound squad.

      I think he deserves a good run at the job, and I hope he clears out all the older players who may not play to his gameplan, because they think they know better.

    • True,

      Would you have been disappointed if he hadn't? I always thought you were pretty keen on a bit of banter John, it feeds the soul!

      How do you rate your chances in your last 2 games btw? Norwich has surprised many this season (including my beloved) and WBA could well up their game to give Roy a special send off? Equally they could both roll over!

      What are your thoughts on Roy's appointment? Happy? underwhelmed?


    • Only one thing in 'Arrys mind at the moment..... and thats 'Arry.

      Piss off and get the England Job you old fart.

      Whatever measure you use.....the bloke aint up to it.

      Jol got sacked for coming 5th twice...... with a squad that was no where near as good as the current one.

    • We need strength in depth, our squad was not good enough. I would love it if he stayed and built a better squad with some real financial backing.

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      • William,

        Despite my recent criticism of 'Arry, I would like him to stay sadly, I think he'll be England manager by June. We've had a disappointing 2012 thus far, but 2011 was awesome at times, I'd love it if Harry came out and committed himself to us, just as he asked Luka to do! But he draw and prestige of England will be too much I fear.

        'I would love it if he stayed and built a better squad with some real financial backing.'- I feel Harry has made some major transfer/loanee blunders this season, I fear we are a very long way from ever being able to give him or his replacement 'real financial backing' not in comparison to the clubs above ad around us, we just don't have the bunce!

        COYS- 4 games, 12 points! Its possible-

    • It helped him stay out of prison.

      End of.